Corsen Messer

Character in Star Citizen
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Corsen Messer
Corsen Messer
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2609
Died 2662
Role Fifth Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2643 - 2662
Party Messer Regime
Constituency UEE

Corsen Messer or Corsen Messer V was the fifth Imperator of the UEE, reigning from 2643 until 2662. He was succeded by his daughter Illyana Messer, who poisoned him and his son Gammon.


Corsen came to power after his sister,[1] Livia Messer, was severely injured in a spacecraft crash while re-entering Earth's atmosphere, which killed her husband as well as her son, Marius Messer, who would have been next in line.[2]

Corsen Messer widened the range of crimes eligible for capital punishment, raised taxes throughout the UEE, suspended the right to a trial for political crimes, increased censorship, founded the Monumentalist architectural movement.[3]

In 2654 the Imperator nationalized all "terraforming support" concerns. As a result, the formerly favored Gold Horizon company collapsed leaving behind space stations that would later be renowned for criminal activity.[4]

Corsen pushed the Monumentalism (strong authoritarian) style of architecture during his reign.[5][6]

Charon III

He also opened more political prisons on Charon III.[3] In 2670 Charon III received recognition in the Senate via his decree.[1][obsolete information?]


Corsen died in 2662. His daugther Illyana was suspected for orchestrating his assassination in 2662, using poison to kill both him and his elder son Gammon Messer.[3][7]


He was son of Deacon Messer, 2nd Imperator of the UEE. His partner is unknown. He had at least 2 children:


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