Glaciem Ring

Asteroid Belt in the Nyx system
Glaciem Ring
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Belt
LocationUnclaimed space
Nyx system
└─ Orbiting Nyx (star)

A dense asteroid belt circles Nyx's star at roughly 8 AU out. The asteroid field is not a source of valuable minerals, but coupled with the nebula it has created a very good place to hide. An unknown number of small settlements have been established on asteroids in the area, all of which must import survival goods from outside the system (the only mercantile opportunity remaining in Nyx). These small asteroid bases, uncharted, are home to a variety of fringe colonists seeking anything from life outside the UEE to a platform from which to operate outside the law. Pirate raids in the system, typically conducted against the trans-Stanton shipping, are believed to operate out of larger bases in the field.[1]

Delamar lies within the Glaciem Ring.


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