Nyx system

Single star system with 4 planets.
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Nyx system
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Nyx system
Single Star
11.2 AU
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F-type main sequence
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The Nyx system is an unclaimed system located slightly south of former Perry Line, directly on the border of a dark nebula. Discovered in 2582, the Nyx System was left unclaimed by the UEE after deciding its three planets were not terraforming candidates and attempts to mine the dense Glaciem Ring were deemed too dangerous.

In 2618, a group of political activists and refugees, fleeing the Messer regime, moved into a vacated mining facility located on Delamar, a moon-sized asteroid deep within the system's asteroid belt.[2]

Delamar is often considered the highlight of Nyx; a safe place beyond the UEE's reach for political dissidents and a place to hide for small criminal groups. Tensions are often high as each group prepares for a police raid that they feel is inevitable.


Nyx was discovered in 2582 during the height of the newly-formed United Empire of Earth's territorial expansion. The system consists of three unremarkable planets circling an F-type Main Sequence star. Astronomically, the most distinct aspect of Nyx is that it is located directly on the border of a dark nebula, which enshrouds the orbits of all three worlds. The nebula's gasses severely hamper visibility and significantly limit scanner use … something the star system's few inhabitants rely on. The system was first charted through a jump point in the Bremen System by solo navjumper Carla Larry. Carla's official claim doesn't specify much of interest in the system, writing that it "lacks significant mineral deposits or logical reason to apply the expense of terraformation." Larry did make an attempt to formally name the star's three worlds Lou, Morgan and Ashley, apparently after three separate romantic conquests she was pursuing. As per normal policy, the UEE government has never recognized these names, and they have never been widely used. Whether the system's intrepid discoverer was able to impress any of their namesakes is lost to history. In the last two centuries, Nyx has gained some additional utility as a waypoint on the Castra-Stanton run, with a significant credit value of cargo moving through the system at any one time. Small scale piracy is not uncommon, buoyed by the system's nebula, and travelers are warned not to veer off the standard spacelanes during transit of the system.[3]

Gravitational governors


Nyx is a main sequence dwarf-F star.


Nyx I

Nyx I is a coreless world that has been mined clean by the Gold Horizon corporation.[4]

Nyx II

A high-pressure atmosphere and thick clouds of acid and carbon dioxide make Nyx II not worth terraforming.[5]


Not technically a planet - this moon sized asteroid is hidden deep within the Glaciem Ring. Anti-UEE activists, political radicals and criminals now occupy a deserted mining facility built inside this asteroid. In an effort to keep out potential criminal elements, visitors are strictly forbidden from entering its residential areas.[6]


Nyx III is an ice giant that lacks a breathable atmosphere or any valuable materials.[7]

Asteroid belts

Glaciem Ring

A dense asteroid belt circles Nyx's star at roughly 8 AU out. The asteroid field is not a source of valuable minerals, but coupled with the nebula it has created a very good place to hide.[3] Delamar lies within the Glaciem Ring.

Keeger Belt

The Keeger Belt is located at the system's edge.

Known jump points

Nix JumpPoints.png
Jump gate Direction Size Destination
Nyx - Bremen Bidirectional Large Bremen - Nyx, in Bremen system
Nyx - Castra Bidirectional Large Castra - Nyx, in Castra system
Nyx - Odin Bidirectional Large Odin - Nyx, in Odin system
Nyx - Pyro Bidirectional Medium Pyro - Nyx, in Pyro system
Nyx - Tohil Bidirectional Large Tohil - Nyx, in Tohil system
Nyx - Virgil Bidirectional Medium Virgil - Nyx, in Virgil system

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



  • According to Dave Haddock Nyx is the "greek goddess of darkness and night". In fact, Erebus is the god and personification of darkness in contrast to Nyx, which is the godess and personification of night.


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