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Equipment Considerations

Minimum requirements

An RSI Aurora MR during quantum travel.

Ships require a quantum drive in order to traverse the vast interplanetary distances in star systems. While some vehicles are not capable of quantum travel (such as the Argo MPUV and Kruger P-Series), the vast majority of spacefaring ships do come factory-equipped with a quantum drive.

Quantum drive specifications

The RSI Eos, a quantum drive found as standard equipment on many ships in the 'verse.

Not all quantum drives perform identically. Three major considerations should be made when choosing a drive for your ship:

Size classification

Each quantum drive falls into one of three size classes: Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3. Consult your mobiGlas Vehicle Loadout Manager app to determine your ship's quantum drive size class. You cannot install a quantum drive of a different size class than the one required by your ship.

Cruise speed

Quantum cruise speeds are measured in meters per second (m/s), but may also be listed in megameters per second (Mm/s) for better readability (1 megameter = 1,000 kilometers = 1,000,000 meters). Alternatively, cruise speeds may also be listed as a fraction of light speed (c). Current quantum drive manufacturers offer drives with cruise speeds anywhere from 53.6 Mm/s (0.18 c) to 283 Mm/s (0.94 c).

Fuel consumption

Quantum drives require quantum fuel to operate. As a general rule, there is a tradeoff between cruise speeds and fuel consumption. If you wish to extend the maximum range of your ship, it may be worthwhile to invest in a slower quantum drive. Conversely, if you wish to reach your destinations faster, you may be willing to expend more fuel to do so.

Route planning

Before taking off, familiarize yourself with the journey you wish to embark upon by consulting the Starmap application on your mobiGlas.

  • Zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel
  • Double right-click to zoom all the way out to the system overview
  • Rotate your view by clicking and holding down the left mouse button
  • Pan your view by clicking and holding down the right mouse button
  • To recenter the map on your current position, click the button with a circle surrounded by a target reticle, found at the top of the screen

When you're ready to plot a trip:

  • Select a destination by clicking directly on it
  • To plot a trip to the selected destination, click the "Set Route" button at the top
  • To clear a currently plotted trip, click the "Clear Route" button at the top

Your quantum drive can only make straight-line jumps. As such, you may be required to make multiple quantum jumps in order to reach your destination.

Ad hoc destination selection

Not all quantum jumps require the use of a plotted starmap course. Pilots may also choose their destination by spooling up the quantum drive without a selected destination and aiming the ship at their destination marker. Markers come in various shapes to distinguish the type of location they represent:

Marker Destination
Quantum travel target
Active quantum travel target
Space station
Point of interest in space
Landing zone
Surface outpost

Starmap interface

Example: Using the mobiGlas Starmap to plot a journey from HUR-L1 to Hurston's moon Ita.

The information box at the top left displays important data relevant to your currently plotted journey:

  • Current quantum fuel on board of your ship
  • Required quantum fuel to complete the plotted journey
  • A progress indicator, listing all the waypoints in the journey
  • A time enroute indicator (the small white number at the bottom right of the information box), which indicates the journey time in seconds

Once you are satisfied with the parameters of your journey, you may close your starmap application. The plotted journey will be synchronized with your ship's on-board computer.

Before takeoff

Ensure you have enough quantum fuel on board your ship to reach your destination or a refueling facility. To refuel your ship while parked on a landing pad, call up your mobiGlas Vehicle Maintenance Services app, select "Refuel Quantum" on the right side of the screen, click "Confirm", and monitor the refueling progress on your ship's HUD.

Preparing for the jump

Your ship's HUD will alert you in case your path is obstructed. Heed this warning!

Quantum jumps cannot be made through solid objects. Your ship's on-board computer generally recognizes obstructions and will prevent the execution of a jump. Nonetheless, verify your ship is clear of any obstacles before commencing your journey. Failure to do so may result in ship damage and destruction, as well as loss of life and property aboard.

Arrival considerations

You may wish to disable IFCS cruise mode before beginning your journey. If left enabled, your ship will automatically accelerate after exiting the quantum jump. This could lead to a collision if you arrive in front of an obstacle such as a space station or asteroid.


Point your ship directly at the first waypoint marker, which will be displayed on your HUD. Please be aware that this waypoint may be behind you.

Spool and calibrate

Your ship's HUD will reflect its spooling and calibration status with percentage indicators and progress bars.
Once spooling and calibration are complete and the ship is ready to depart, your HUD will appear like this.

Spool up your quantum drive. By default, this can be done by tapping the B key. Your quantum drive will begin to spool up, and spool-up progress will be indicated on the HUD. If your ship is properly aligned with your destination, the computer will also begin to calibrate itself for the quantum jump. This progress can also be followed on the HUD indicator.

The following conditions must be met before your ship can begin the quantum jump:

  • Sufficient fuel to reach the next waypoint
  • Next waypoint is not obstructed
  • Quantum drive spooled at 100%
  • Calibration at 100%
  • Cooldown phase completed
  • No active quantum enforcement device in the vicinity


Once all the conditions for a successful launch have been achieved, you may engage your quantum drive. By default, this can be done by pressing and holding the B key until the ship begins its journey.


During cruise, your HUD will keep track of the remaining distance in the current quantum jump

Your ship's autopilot will manage the jump once it begins and drop you out at your waypoint or destination by itself.

Should you require to make an emergency stop during your quantum jump, you may do so by switching off your ship's engines (default key: I ).


Please wait for the cooldown phase to complete before jumping to your next destination.

Your quantum drive automatically enters a cooldown phase after arriving at your waypoint or destination. During this time, you may spool and calibrate your quantum drive in preparation for the next leg of your journey, but you will not be able to engage your quantum drive until the cooldown phase has been completed.

To continue on your multi-waypoint journey, repeat the steps as listed above, beginning with "Preparing for the jump".

Happy journeys!

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