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Ship designs in Star Citizen listed by manufacturer, subject to change:

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Name Manufacturer Primary Focus Length (m) Production State
300i ORIG Touring 24 Flight Ready
315p ORIG Exploration 24 Flight Ready
325a ORIG Interdiction 24 Flight Ready
350r ORIG Racing 24 Flight Ready
85X ORIG Transport 13 Inactive Production
890 Jump ORIG Luxury Touring 123 Inactive Production
Aurora CL RSI Mercantile 18.5 Flight Ready
Aurora ES RSI Exploration 18.5 Flight Ready
Aurora LN RSI Militia/Patrol 18.5 Flight Ready
Aurora LX RSI Exploration 18.5 Flight Ready
Aurora MR RSI Interdiction 18.5 Flight Ready
Avenger Stalker AEGS Interceptor 19 Flight Ready
Avenger Titan AEGS Light Cargo 19 Flight Ready
Avenger Titan Renegade AEGS N/A 19 Announced
Avenger Warlock AEGS EMP Warfare 19 Flight Ready
Bengal RSI Carrier 990 In Production
Blade VNCL Light Fighter 16 In Concept
Blade (replica) ESRA Light Fighter 16 In Concept
Buccaneer DRAK Interdiction 20 Active Production
Carrack ANVL Exploration 123 Active Production
Caterpillar DRAK Transport 111.57 Flight Ready
Constellation Andromeda RSI Multi-Function 61.10 Flight Ready
Constellation Aquila RSI Exploration 60.10 Hangar Ready
Constellation Phoenix RSI Luxury Touring 60.10 Hangar Ready
Constellation Taurus RSI Transport 58.80 Hangar Ready
Crucible ANVL Repair 80 In Concept
Cutlass Black DRAK Militia 29 Flight Ready
Cutlass Blue DRAK Police 29 Hangar Ready
Cutlass Red DRAK Search & Rescue 29 Hangar Ready
Dragonfly DRAK Ultra-light Space and Ground 6.5 Active Production
Driller VNCL Escort Carrier 1,700 Unknown
Endeavor MISC Research Platform 200 Inactive Production
F7A Hornet ANVL Military Close Support 22.50 Announced
F7A Hornet Mk II ANVL Military Close Support 22.50 Announced
F7A-R Hornet Tracker ANVL Scout 22.50 Flight Ready
F7C Hornet ANVL Civilian Close Support 22.50 Flight Ready
F7C Hornet Wildfire ANVL Civilian Close Support 22.50 Flight Ready
F7C-M Super Hornet ANVL Space Superiority 24 Flight Ready
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ANVL Scout 22.50 Flight Ready
F7C-S Hornet Ghost ANVL Infiltration 22.50 Flight Ready
F8 Lightning ANVL Space Superiority 26 In Concept
Freelancer MISC Mercantile 32 Flight Ready
Freelancer DUR MISC Exploration 34 Hangar Ready
Freelancer MAX MISC Transport 32 Hangar Ready
Freelancer MIS MISC Militia 34 Hangar Ready
Genesis CRSD Passenger Transit 85 Inactive Production
Gladiator ANVL Carrier-based Bomber 22 Flight Ready
Gladius AEGS Short-range Patrol Fighter 20 Flight Ready
Gladius Valiant AEGS Short-range Dogfighter 20 In Concept
Glaive VNCL Medium Fighter 33.3 Flight Ready
Glaive (replica) ESRA Medium Fighter 33.3 Flight Ready
Harvester VNCL Scarvenging Unknown
Harvester Carrier VNCL Carrier Unknown
Herald DRAK Info Runner 23 Flight Ready
Hull A MISC Cargo 22 Inactive Production
Hull B MISC Cargo 49 Inactive Production
Hull C MISC Cargo 105 Inactive Production
Hull D MISC Cargo 209 Inactive Production
Hull E MISC Cargo 372 Inactive Production
Hurricane ANVL Heavy Fighter 22 In Concept
Idris-M AEGS Frigate 237 In Production
Idris-P AEGS Frigate 237 In Production
Javelin AEGS Capital Ship 345 In Production
Khartu-al XIAN Light Fighter 10 Flight Ready
Kingship VNCL Carrier 2800 Unknown
M50 Interceptor ORIG Racing 11 Flight Ready
MPUV Cargo ARGO Cargo 9.25 Flight Ready
MPUV Personnel ARGO Transport 9.25 Flight Ready
Merchantman BIRC Trade 100 In Concept
Mustang Alpha CNOU Starter 18 Flight Ready
Mustang Beta CNOU Touring 18 Flight Ready
Mustang Delta CNOU Fighter 18 Flight Ready
Mustang Gamma CNOU Racing 18 Flight Ready
Mustang Omega CNOU Racing 18 Flight Ready
Nova RSI Courier Unknown
Oracle XIAN Carrier Unknown
Orion RSI Mining 170 Inactive Production
P-52 Merlin KRIG Snub Fighter 12 Flight Ready
P-72 Archimedes KRIG Versatile 12 In Concept
Pegasus RSI Carrier 700-800 Inactive Production
Polaris RSI Corvette 155 In Concept
Prospector MISC Prospecting 24 In Concept
Prowler ESRA Dropship 34 In Concept
Qhire Khartu XIAN Light Fighter 10 In Concept
Razor MISC Racing 11 Announced
Reclaimer AEGS Salvage 158 In Concept
Redeemer AEGS Gunship 37.5 Hangar Ready
Reliant Kore MISC Light Cargo 13 Flight Ready
Reliant Mako MISC Information Running 13 In Production
Reliant Sen MISC Research 13 In Production
Reliant Tana MISC Light Fighter 13 In Production
Retaliator AEGS Heavy Bomber 71 Flight Ready
Retribution RSI Super Dreadnought In Production
Sabre AEGS Stealth Fighter 26 Flight Ready
Sabre Comet AEGS Stealth Dogfighter 26 In Concept
Scythe VNCL Medium Fighter 31 Flight Ready
Scythe (replica) ESRA Medium Fighter 31 Flight Ready
Starfarer MISC Transport 100 Flight Ready
Starfarer Gemini MISC Military Transport 100 Flight Ready
Stinger VNCL Heavy Fighter Unknown
Terrapin ANVL Exploration 19.5 In Concept
Vanguard Harbinger AEGS Bomber 37 In Concept
Vanguard Sentinel AEGS E-Warfare 37 In Concept
Vanguard Warden AEGS Long-range fighter 37 Flight Ready
Void VNCL Bomber 124 Unknown
Volper XIAN Bomber Unknown
Zeus RSI Exploration Unknown

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