Hades I

Mesoplanet in the Hades system
Hades I
LocationUnclaimed space
Hades system
└─ Orbiting Hades (star)

The first planet in the system completely lacks any atmosphere. Scattered unnatural craters and ruins indicate that the Hadesians must have colonized Hades I in a limited capacity. Scientists have been unable to figure out whether it was always this way or whether the atmosphere was another victim of the war.[1]

Due to the planet's proximity to the system's star, it is quite possible that it was once a lush tropical planet with oceans, icecaps, savanna and jungle - a balanced clime. Warm, nice to live on, maybe not very temperate but definitely a good place to grow food.

Currently however, it is a crater-blasted hellscape with evidence of great weapons having been discharged.[2]


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