Hades III

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Hades III
ClassificationSmog Planet
LocationOrbits Hades (star)
Artificial Satellites1

On the surface, Hades III matches I and II: it is a gruesome landscape of impact craters and shattered cities. The atmosphere is toxic, and only the best-equipped xenoarch teams should make landfall. Despite this, countless ruins have been documented over the years, perpetuating the belief in certain circles that there is still much remaining to discover in Hades.[1]

Unlike Hades II, Hades III is a very still planet. It has very little remaining atmosphere. Most of what we know about the Hadesians comes from this planet, due to the mostly intact nature of the ruins, preserved in the planet's relatively calm weather.[2]

Artificial Satellites

Xi’an Junker Wreck

Death and destruction is not limited to the surface of Hades III. At a Lagrange point high above the planet a more recent graveyard sits in orbit. Back in 2901, a Xi’An junker, smuggling a cargo of Osoians bound for slaughter and rendering, suffered engine troubles. As the crew struggled to restore power to the ship, the captive Osoians, normally docile creatures, escaped and proceeded to slaughter the crew, the crew of a rescue ship and ultimately each other.