Hades II

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Hades II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Hades (star)

Hades II retains something of an atmosphere, but it is a violent one. Environmental suits must be worn, and due to the amount of volcanic ash in what remains of the atmosphere, no one should ever be away from a breather. Sprawling Hadesian cities spider across the landscape, every single one of them dead and withering away in the unrelenting wind. The unstable nature of the ruins makes this surface a very precarious one to try and explore.

Deposits of Kherium, a mineral prized by the Xi’An for use in their armor plating, have been discovered on Hades II, although, due to the archaeological value of the system, no corporate mining campaign has ever been authorized.[1]

Many of the planet's ruins are sealed underneath the ash that spews from the volcanoes that dot the surface. Many different surveys have been performed to both get into the ruins and to analyse them for safekeeping, but because of the harsh environment (swirling storms, lightning strikes, tornadoes etc), it's very difficult to conduct a stately, slow and correct archaeological survey.[2]