Settlement on Tyrol V in the Tyrol system
Haven Landing Zone on Tyrol V.jpg
LocationTyrol system    On Tyrol V
TypeLanding zone

Haven is built into the rock of a vast canyon in an effort to keep the temperature down. What started as a small network of tunnels expanded as more fugitives, criminals, expatriates, and outlaws decided to roll the dice and hide in a dying system.[1]

It's here, hidden beneath the surface's now-oppressive heat, that a peculiar blend of homesteaders, outlaws and nihilists make their homes. In popular culture, Haven is considered the 'last chance' for the irredeemable: a home for those that can no longer make their way in the civilized universe and those that no longer wish to. The ever-present threat of supernova looms large over the planetary culture, but it is ultimately treated as a fact of life. No resources are spent on evacuation transports or early warning systems; if you have chosen to live among the renegades on Haven, you have likely made peace with a world capable of snuffing out your life in an unexpected instant.

Visitors are cautioned not to leave the shade of Haven without heavy thermal shielding. An unprotected individual can survive mere moments of exposure on the Tyrol V's surface.[2]


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