Tyrol VI

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Tyrol VI
ClassificationGas Giant
LocationOrbits Tyrol (star)
Artificial Satellites1

The sixth planet in the Tyrol System is a typical Jovian-style gas giant. A churning mass of colored hydrogen and helium, Tyrol VI has thus far been minimally affected by the star’s decline. The planet is frequently used for refueling by those foolish enough to transit the system, although there are no proper refineries.[1]

Artificial Satellites

Holography Transmitting Rig

Independent scientists have camouflaged a high-tech holography transmitting rig inside an asteroid at one of the planet’s Lagrange points, aiming to record what will likely be a very impressive light show should the supernova ultimately ignite the atmosphere (the astrophysics community is divided as to whether or not this will actually occur.) The hope is that the comm drone will be able to clear the jump point before the system burns.[1]