Tyrol I

Terrestrial Rocky in the Tyrol system
Tyrol I
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationUnclaimed space
Tyrol system
└─ Orbiting Tyrol A & Tyrol B
Natural Satellites1

The first planet in the Tyrol System is a charred husk slowly being sublimed by the red giant.

Natural Satellites


Small communities of smugglers and squatters now occupy abandoned research facilities on this moon.

A series of connected research stations was constructed on Lanisto - Tyrol I's largest surviving moon, in 2930, as part of a research proposal to study a dying star up close. The consortium operating the base was able to do so for barely a decade; funding was cut in 2941 and the facility was quickly overtaken by a small smuggling community made up of squatters and malcontents. Known today as 'Front Row,' the moon's population has an appropriately dark sense of humor about the fact that they will be the first to experience Tyrol's supernova process.

Unlike Haven, another unlikely settlement on Tyrol V, the inhabitants of Front Row are rarely permanent. If you are looking for illegal goods and do not want any risk of police involvement, the dealers and fixers of Front Row are your best bet. It has become a place to meet with everyone from narcotics dealers to unscrupulous contract killers, with the providers of both passing through only so long as to hawk their wares. Just be mindful of the fact that you might find the entire system obliterated without notice should you schedule too long a layover![1]


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