Higher Education in the Xi'an Empire

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A university is a UEE Standard term for a institution of higher education and centre of research. The closest translation of this concept in Xi'an is Tāyanpuāng ( Xi'an; Xi'an: Tāyanpuāng (Proper); ), which literally translates as "Great/High Place of Learning".

Xi’an Imperial Academy, Anóna

The Xi'an Imperial Academy ( Xi'an; Xi'an: Tāyanpuāng se SaoXyan2(Tāyanpuāng se SaoXy'an) (Proper); ) in Anóna, Ka'ua, is a University on the Xi'an capital world. It is not known if this is the only place named the Xi'an Imperial Academy, or if there are several such institutions in other locations.[1]

Faculty and Alumni of the Xi'an Imperial Academy, Anóna

  • Nya’to.y’anhyi T.ai was Dean of Xenolinguistics in 2947.[1]

Xi'an Military Academies

The facilities in the Ail'ka system, where recruits to the Xi'an Defense Forces are trained, have been compared to the Universities of the Rhetor system and the training facilities of Kilian system,[2] which includes the Service Academies.

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