Character in Star Citizen
Master Tai's Signature.png
Race Xi'an
Gender Male
Born Before 2784
Role Dean of Xenolinguistics at the Xi'an Imperial Academy, Anóna
Faction Xi'an
Citizenship Status Xi'an

Nya’to.y’anhyi T.ai ( Xi'an: Nya2to4yan5hyi Tai1(Nya’to.y’anhyi T.ai) (Proper); literally Master Professor Tai; ) was the Dean of Xenolinguistics at Xi'an Imperial Academy, Anóna at least as recently as 2947.


He worked with the UEE Office of Xenolinguistic Protocol to help produce An Overview of the Xi’an Language for Diplomats (at least, it's Third Edition), for which he also provided the foreword. At time of publication, he had been studying UEE Standard for 163 Standard Earth Years, meaning that he started learning shortly before the end of the Xi'an-Human Cold War.[1]

T.ai's name may be a nickname or a case of nominative determinism, as in the Xi'an language, a 'tai' is a single character.


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