Inmate Workpack

Backpack manufactured by Universal Body Armor
Prison uniform concept.jpg
Inmate Workpack
ManufacturerUniversal Body Armor (UBA)
ClassificationLight backpack
Occupancy51,000 μSCU
Production stateImplemented
Inventory50,000 µSCU
Environment protection
Temperature-75 / 75 °C

The Inmate Workpack is a light backpack manufactured by Universal Body Armor. It is designed for inmates in prison. It is given to players when they are arrested into prison and removed when they finish their sentence.[1]

In-game description

This sturdy Inmate Workpack provides ample storage capacity and evenly distributes weight across the wearer's back allowing them to carry more during every shift. It also features secure bottom straps to allow you to determine oxygen tank size on a per inmate basis, minimizing escape risk.

Armor components

Set name Helmet Undersuit Backpack
Inmate Worksuit Inmate Work Helmet Inmate Worksuit Inmate Workpack


The Inmate Work Helmet is introduced in Alpha 3.9.0 with the prison mechanics.[2]


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