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A backpack is a container carried over one's back and secured to the body frame of the bearer, ideally the hips.

Backpacks are made for a number of intended uses, loads and volumes. In broad terms they can be divided in three categories:

  • Light backpacks: 50 mSCU of volume or less. They are intended for short hikes or scouting, where mobility and light weight are paramount.
  • Medium backpacks: between 50 and 80 mSCU of volume. They are intended for medium distance treks and are favored by the military. They offer a good compromise between capacity and mobility.
  • Heavy backpacks: 80 mSCU of volume or more. They are intended for hauling heavy loads and long distance treks, at the cost of mobility.

Backpacks of one category can only be equipped in armor cores of the same or heavier categories. A medium backpack, for instance, can only be equipped over medium and heavy armor torso.


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