Issigon Ado

Character in Star Citizen
Issigon Ado
Race Banu
Gender Male
Born 2514-11-10 CE; 461 years ago (2514-11-10)
Died 2559-09-21 CE; 425 years ago (2559-09-21)
Role 4x Murray Cup Champion
Faction Banu Protectorate
Citizenship Status Bacchus II

Issigon Ado is best known for being the first non-Human, and Banu, to compete in the Murray Cup. Ado would go on to win the Cup four times in his career and would pave the way for alien species involvement in the cup.[1][2]

Before racing in the Murray Cup, Ado lived a quieter life as a merchant shipman who specialized in the import of Human cultural products.[1]

In 2551 Ado founded Taerninar, after the deity of travelers Taernin, a racing team and media company, with the goal of brining the sport to a Banu audience.[1]

Ado's first win in the Murray Cup came in 2553, he would also go on to win the 2554 and 2555 cups immediately thereafter, retaining the title of "Champion" for three years in a row. Ado would obtain his fourth and final championship title in 2558.[1]

Not only was Ado a talented racer, but he was also a media-savvy showman who was always able to hold the attention of the crowd. Ado's popularity quickly spread amongst the Banu garnering him sponsorships and merchandise sales throughout his career.[1]

However, in 2559, during the final lap of the Murray Cup Ado's engine would explode killing him instantly. While a human terrorist group known as Humans First initially attempted to claim responsibility for the explosion, an investigation would later reveal that a fault in his ships cooling system lead to his untimely demise. This however did not satisfy all of his fans, with some still believing to this day that he was murdered.[1]

The life of Ado was depicted in the 2794 hit movie Traveler's Road.[1]

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