Jan Dredge

Character in Star Citizen
Jan Dredge
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Board member of Drake Interplanetary
Current Employment
Occupation Board member of Drake Interplanetary
Job Title Board member

Jan Dredge was the former CEO of Drake Interplanetary. Before the incorporation of the company, she held the position of lead designer. As lead designer she was involved in design of the Cutlass series.[1] She studied aerospace engineering at Terra University.[2]

In a undercover job interview Jan Dredge was recorded making a controversial statement about selling the Cutlass Black to known piracy groups. Following this recording, family members of piracy victims expressed their outrage by calling for a ban on the Cutlass. On April 6, 2947 Drake Interplanetary released a press statement in which they apologized for the comments made by Jan Dredge and announced that she was retiring as CEO of the company to spend more time with her family. The statement indicated that her son Jon Dredge would take over her duties as acting CEO until a replacement could be found.[3]


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