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Jennifer Friskers

Character in Star Citizen
Jennifer Friskers
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2913 (before)
Role Current CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Workplace New Austin, Terra, Terra
Years Held 2913 (before) - Present

Jennifer Friskers is the current CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH. Origin was founded in Cologne on Earth and always had strong ties to Earth, until in 2913 when she decided to move the corporate headquarters to New Austin, Terra. This resulted in almost every of Origin's manufacturing operation to leave the Sol system.[1] Jennifer Friskers continuously pushes the company to reinvent the wheel, requesting designers to revisit old designs and ideas. In 2943, Friskers also helped to improve the design of the 890 Jump, adding launch capabilities and including the 85x to every new order of the 890 Jump.[2]


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