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Jeremiah Lee

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Jeremiah Lee

Jeremiah Lee was associate art director for the character team at Cloud Imperium Games.[1][2][3][4][5]

Early life

He was always doodling growing up but didn't become serious about art until he was about 15-16.[6]

He started working on his portfolio and got into ArtCenter College of Design, from where a lot of people working on movies such as Syd Mead came. He stayed there for a couple of years before dropping out as he was getting job offers for tv shows and indie films which was consuming his time and allowed him to grow his skills profesionally. He attributes 80% of the skills he acquired over the years to friends and jobs. In particular at one point he ended up teaching his teacher during a photoshop class.[6]

Work at CIG

Jeremiah Lee started freelance in 2010 before becoming full time,[6][7] as character art concept artist, designing clothing for NPCs and player characters alike,[8] and was also in charge of making sure that the quality of characters is up to standards, he assisted the character art team and the tech art team, he was overseeing every armor and every clothing seen in game from concept to implementation.[9]

He also designed the new mobiGlas, statues and more.[6]

Other Works

He has also worked at Legendary Pictures, 15/40 Productions, and musicians such as Kanye West. He conceptualized characters, costumes, creatures, props, key frames, vehicles, environment, and interiors.[10]

He spent two years not doing art due to being burned out and doing customer service for a year instead and he worked at Abercrombie & Fitch for a year where he had the opportunity to become District Manager but it wasn't what he wanted to do and he came back to art.[6]

He teaches a full course at a university once every two years.[6]


  • His favorite movie is Blade Runner.
  • His favorite video game is Mass Effect 2.
  • He is a member of the Fresh Outta Verse cover band, alongside Jared Huckaby.[11]
  • He started his Twitch streaming after Josh Herman segment on Happy Hour got popular, so that the community could see a CIG dev work while having all the time he wanted rather than just an hour.[6]
  • His favourite ship is the Orion because the aesthetic reminds him of the Nostromo.[6]


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