Jared Huckaby

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Jared Huckaby in 2018

Jared "Disco Lando" Huckaby is a Content Manager at CIG Los Angeles.[1]


Jared Huckaby before the shave
  • He does a couple hundred different things, and only three of them well. Which three? They're not work related, unfortunately.[2]
  • Jared is also known as Red 1.[3]
  • He was a Game Master in Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg World of Warcraft during its launch.[4]
  • In 2018-06-29, he shaved his iconic beard.[5]
  • His favourite ship is the Anvil Carrack, he is forced to like the ship as he is "legally bounded by his obligation to the community to like the ship".[6] It is originated from the ship shape segment on 2018-04-12, he asked the community to vote his favorite ship in the comments,[7] his favourite ship officially became the Carrack on 2018-05-03.[8]

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