Julie Nadir

Character in Star Citizen
Julie Nadir
Race Human
Gender Female
Died 2949-01-28
Role Advocacy Agent
Faction UEE
Employer Advocacy
Workplace New Junction on Lo, Corel

Julie Nadir, († between 2949-01-25 and 2949-01-28) was an Advocacy Agent.[1]

Dunn Investigation

Julie Nadir worked in the Advocacy Office in New Junction, Lo, Corel System on two different cases. The Dunn case and the Haubert sting operation. She mailed her first report about the Dunn case on 2948-12-14.

Only two days later her superior, SSA Lakoda Iwata deducted her from the previous Dunn case and assigned the Haubert case to her. Nadir then investigated the Dunn case on her own, still reporting her results to Iwata.

Nadir was informed about criminal activities at the Dunn scrapyard from a "confidential informant." Dunn was used as a front for contraband and laundering. To reach a higher number of scrapped ships faked "SRV regtags" were used to "launder millions" of credits. Another shop existed on Castor. Nadir concluded the scrapyard belong to the Benini Clan.

Iwata believed it was a red herring. She presumed that a new clan tried to establish dominance in the system. Weakening the Benini would "benefit a criminal rival looking to carve out space for themselves in the underworld."


Nadir sent her last report on 2949-01-25 to her superior and was found later dead by Iwata in her apartment. The case records were found on the home terminal which was still on. According to Iwata, she was probably killed by a professional hitman with a "single gunshot to the head."


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