Juliet Maupin

Character in Star Citizen
Juliet Maupin
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2783 (before)
Died 2862
Role Aegis Dynamics engineer, weapon and scanner designer
Faction UEE

Juliet Maupin was an award-winning Human engineer and weapons designer best known for creating prototype weapons for the Messer regime that would later inspire the founding of Apocalypse Arms.[1]

Early Life and Career

Maupin worked as lead engineer for Aegis Dynamics, where she led the team responsible for revamping the Retaliator bombers in 2783. Following that success, Maupin was introduced to Sylvain Evans, a high-ranking member of the UEE military. Evans enlisted Maupin for a classified project to produce a new line of powerful and advanced combat systems for the Messer government. Eager to have the freedom and resources to pursue innovative designs, Maupin accepted the position.

Work for the Messer Regime

Maupin was given a state-of-the-art lab and team in Newcastle in the Magnus system to pursue the classified project, codenamed "Genly Engineering Solutions" after her young son. From 2790 to 2792, Maupin developed prototype weapons including a ballistic gatling gun and mass driver. Her journal described a desire to "build guns that could overcome any situation... even the apocalypse."

As the Messer regime crumbled in 2792, the military prototypes were supposed to be shipped to Kilian for testing, but the military had to abandon the transport to quell the rebellion. The prototypes were dropped off at a warehouse on Cestulus and inadvertently forgotten about.

Later Life and Legacy

After the fall of the Messers, Maupin distanced herself from her weapons work to avoid association with the old regime. She moved to Lo and worked on scanning technology used to detect contraband along the UEE-Banu border, an endeavor for which she won many awards.

Maupin died in 2862, unaware her weapons prototypes had survived. They were rediscovered decades later by Dalton Colabello, inspiring him to found Apocalypse Arms. The company used Maupin's original designs as the basis for its first products. Though controversial for their ties to the Messers, Apocalypse Arms credits Maupin's innovative prototypes as the foundation of their powerful and unique weapons. Her forward-thinking designs proved influential long after her death.


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