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A jump point is an astronomical anomaly, used for intersystem travel. Effectively a wormhole, jump points are described as a tear in the space-time continuum that almost instantly takes you between two points in space.[1] An early concept of jump point travel is shown in this video.

Without Jump Points, intra-system travel would be close to impossible: even with the 0.2c speed achieved with quantum drives ships would take decades to reach a new star system. There are multiple sizes of jump points; the size of the jump point corresponds with the maximum size of a ship able to travel through it.

Traveling through a jump point isn't instant: the entry/exit points are connected by a tunnel through space-time, called Interspace[2]. Traveling through jump points isn't completely safe: getting outside of this tunnel can damage and even destroy your ship. If a map of the jump point doesn't exist, or isn't loaded into the ships computer, the pilot has to manually travel through the jump point.Traveling through a jump point manually would have the pilot "surf" along the ripples of the tunnel.[3] With the correct equipment, explorers can record and sell the flight path they've taken inside the jump point and sell this data, so that these jump points can now be traveled through with the ship flying on automatic pilot.

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