Karna Rifle

Item manufactured by Kastak Arms
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Karna Rifle
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Karna Rifle

The Karna Rifle, produced by Kastak Arms, is a plasma-based, selective-fire assault rifle with a maximum effective range of 50 meters. This weapon is designed for mid-range combat and offers a range of firing modes, including burst, charged, and full-auto, to enable rapid and flexible responses to changing tactical situations. In addition to its impressive firepower, the Karna Rifle is also highly regarded for its robust construction and reliability, making it a favored choice among Kastak Arms' extensive arsenal of weapons. Its popularity is a testament to its exceptional performance and durability in the field.[1]


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The Karna Rifle was formerly known as the Berserker in the early concept art. It is introduced in Alpha 3.3.0.[2]


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