Kedsu Reef

Flotilla orbits Hadrian (star) in the Hadrian system
Hadrian Kedsu Reef.png
Kedsu Reef
LocationHadrian system    Orbits Hadrian (star)
TypeSpace station

The Kedsu Reef or Hadrian Flotilla is a cluster of space stations, founded 2881.

"On the lagrange point of Hadrian II, there's a mini-mall cluster of former military stations that have been converted into a massive bazaar. Some newer trade stations have opened in recent years as the site has become a mecca of trade to the Xi'an."
Starmap [1]

Many of the former military stations positioned along the major trade routes were quickly purchased and retrofitted to serve the transports crossing the system. However, there were still numerous stations located elsewhere in Hadrian that remained for the most part abandoned, owing to the fact that they saw little traffic or were in sectors dangerous to traverse. Where most people saw these floating husks as mere derelicts, one enterprising trader saw opportunity.

Delilah Havers had the misfortune of being captured by slavers when she was a teenager. Sold at market, she was purchased by a Banu trade-souli who put her to work as a translator. Fortunately, owing to the Banu practice of allowing indentured servants to earn their freedom, Delilah was able to liberate herself by the time she was thirty. Having become apt at negotiations after working closely with her souli, she continued working as an independent trader and was able to amass a small fortune. In 2881, while making a run through the system, an idea struck her as she flew past an abandoned station — all of these derelicts would make the perfect platforms from which to build a Banu-style flotilla. Home to some of the biggest markets in Banu space, flotillas traditionally grow organically as various ships and stations are lashed together at trade hubs. Rather than let it happen on its own (as the Banu would), Delilah purchased several derelict stations and had them transported into position to form the nucleus of a flotilla. By doing this she was able to create a single service center capable of handling multiple large transport vessels and their crews at the same time, but for significantly less than the cost of building such a station from scratch. She named the flotilla Kedsu, the Banu word for reef, since the structure reminded her of the underwater formations she explored as a child on Goss. Commonly though, it has come to be known by the misnomer "Kedsu Reef."

Since more traders could do business here at the same time than anywhere else in the system, it was no surprise that Kedsu Reef became a very popular destination. Home to the largest permanent population in Hadrian, its markets and bazaars stock goods from all over Human, Xi'an and even Banu space. Every day, huge quantities of commodities and credits are negotiated and traded. But with habitats for rent and numerous dining and entertainment wings, even if you're not looking to trade, Kedsu is still very much worth the visit. Today, Kedsu Reef has continued to grow and more pieces are frequently added, further expanding the station. The popular spot has even spawned a small neighborhood of competing stations looking to take advantage of the steady flow of ships.

"From the softest sheets, to the freshest beef, nobody matches Kedsu Reef!"
Commercial jingle for the flotilla, 2938

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