Leonard Casse

Character in Star Citizen
Leonard Casse
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2563 CE; 391 years ago (2563)
Died 2615 CE; 339 years ago (2615)
Role Founder of Casse Aerospace
Employer Roberts Space Industries Former, Casse Aerospace Final

Leonard Casse was a human ship designer and engineer as well as eventual founder of Casse Aerospace, the original creators of the Hurricane fighter now produced by Anvil Aerospace.

In 2587, Leonard was hired by Roberts Space Industries and assigned to their Starbright transport team. He was later promoted to lead designer for the 2600 Starbright after his many contributions to the product, including identifying a major flaw in its design in previous iterations. In 2599 Leonard left RSI due to frustrations around their hierarchical system and founded his own company, Casse Aerospace.

Leonard was responsible for the creation of two ships with Casse Aerospace, the Cosmo Sloop and the Hurricane before he perished in 2615 as a result of a mid-air collision. His legacy was carried on by Anvil Aerospace who both now produce the Hurricane fighter but also utilized his signatures flourishes in their designs during the 2780s. Additionally, Leonard was posthumously inducted to the Edleson Design Institute Hall of Fame.[1]


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