Little King

Character in Star Citizen
"Little King"
Race Vanduul
Died ?
Role Ace Pilot
Faction Vanduul

Little King was a Vanduul ace pilot. He was recreated in the Vanduul Swarm Simulation in Arena Commander as an enemy.[1]

"A resilient and brutal killer, Little King is a long-range fighter, often opening up well before it is in range, but with a deadly accuracy born from its experience in clan raids against multiple UEE systems. It has been known to lurk at the edges of a battle and pick off retreat-ing pilots and civilian ships caught in the crossfire. Pilots bestowed its handle at the time of its death: it took two full flights of fighters to take it down and the combatants said it was like taking on a Kingship."
Arena Commander Manual


  1. Arena Commander Manual V11
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