FPS weapon attachment

A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device for a repeating firearm, either integral within the gun (internal/fixed magazine) or externally attached (detachable magazine). The magazine functions by holding several cartridges within itself and sequentially pushing each one into a position where it may be readily loaded into the barrel chamber by the firearm's moving action. The detachable magazine is sometimes colloquially referred to as a "clip", although this is technically inaccurate since a clip is actually an accessory device used to help load ammunition into a magazine.

A03 Sniper Rifle Magazine (15 cap) 1150.61 KµSCU6.1e-4 SCU <br />610 µSCU <br />Gemini
Animus Missile Launcher Magazine (3 cap) 130.53 KµSCU5.3e-4 SCU <br />530 µSCU <br />Apocalypse Arms
Arclight Pistol Battery (30 cap)Battery1300.18 KµSCU1.8e-4 SCU <br />180 µSCU <br />Klaus & Werner
Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Battery (16 cap)Battery1160.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Klaus & Werner
Atzkav Sniper Rifle Battery (8 cap)Battery180.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Lightning Bolt Co.
BR-2 Shotgun Magazine (12 cap) 1122.4 KµSCU0.0024 SCU <br />2,400 µSCU <br />Behring Applied Technology
C54 SMG Magazine (40 cap) 1400.61 KµSCU6.1e-4 SCU <br />610 µSCU <br />Gemini
Cambio SRT CanisterRMC Canister (Large)17500 KµSCU0 SCU <br />0 µSCU <br />Greycat Industrial
Cambio-Lite SRT CanisterRMC Canister (Small)12500.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br />Greycat Industrial
Coda Pistol Magazine (6 cap) 160.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br />Kastak Arms
Custodian SMG Magazine (60 cap)Battery1600.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Kastak Arms
Deadrig Shotgun Magazine (8 cap) 180.61 KµSCU6.1e-4 SCU <br />610 µSCU <br />Unknown
Demeco LMG Battery (100 cap)Battery11000.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Klaus & Werner
Devastator Shotgun Battery (12 cap)Battery1120.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Kastak Arms
F55 LMG Magazine (150 cap) 11502.4 KµSCU0.0024 SCU <br />2,400 µSCU <br />Gemini
FS-9 Magazine (75 cap) 1752.4 KµSCU0.0024 SCU <br />2,400 µSCU <br />Behring Applied Technology
GP-33 MOD Grenade Launcher Magazine (6 cap) 162.4 KµSCU0.0024 SCU <br />2,400 µSCU <br />Behring Applied Technology
Gallant Rifle Battery (45 cap)Battery1450.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Klaus & Werner
Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap)Battery1300.48 KµSCU4.8e-4 SCU <br />480 µSCU <br />Kastak Arms
LH86 Pistol Magazine (13 cap) 1250 KµSCU0 SCU <br />0 µSCU <br />Gemini
LifeGuard RefillMedGel Refill13000.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br />CureLife


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