Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap)

Battery manufactured by Kastak Arms
Kasta magazine 800x400.png
Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap)
ManufacturerKastak Arms (KSAR)
Base price10 aUEC
Mass1.62 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.3.0
Ammo count30

The Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap) is a 30-round battery for the Karna Rifle. It is manufactured by Kastak Arms. Although it is stated as a magazine in the name, it is a battery as it is used to store energy rounds.[1]

In-game description

This is a replacement battery for Kastak Arms' plasma assault rifle, the Karna.


The Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap) was introduced in Alpha 3.3.0.[2]


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