Mauricio Tusk

Character in Star Citizen
Mauricio Tusk
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2499
Died 2551
Role High-Advocate of the UPE
Political Office
Office High-Advocate
Years Held 2541 - 2546

Mauricio Tusk (2499–2551) was High-Advocate of the United Planets of Earth from 2541 to 2546.[1]


Tusk started his career as Agent of the Advocacy (2524), until he became High-Advocate in 2541. He and High-Secretary Janis Rezaian opposed Ivar Messer for his unwillingness to negotiate with his colleagues on the Tribunal. When Messer obtained the office of Prime Citizen, he dismantled the Tribunal and Tusk was returned to his former job. He was killed in action 'while performing a high-risk extraction.'


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