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Million Mile High Club

From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia

The Million Mile High Club was offered as a reward for those backers who pledged for the Wing Commander or Completionist packages, valued at $10k+

It is now available as a Referral system reward for backers who use their referral code to invite 1042 new players to sign up and subsequently purchase a Star Citizen game package.

The Million Mile High Club (commonly abbreviated to MMHC) is currently implemented as a club on the 172nd floor of the IO-North Tower in Area18. It was initially implemented in patch Alpha 2.1.0 solely as an option in the game menu for the eligible players. Those players could invite friends to their party to let them explore it as well. It wasn't until Alpha 3.5.0 when Area18 was implemented it was placed in the Persistent Universe.

MMHC Aquarium

The club features a lounge, a bar with dance floor and two large scale aquariums.

Original Description:

For years, the Million Mile High Club has been impressing refined and sophisticated clientele with its unique blend of luxury and comfort. Designed by famed architectural firm, Ido, this executive lounge features polished hardwood floors, a fully stocked bar and two floor-to-ceiling aquariums. Whether hosting work associates, friends to watch the latest SataBall match, or pulling out the stops for an all-night affair, the Million Mile High Club is the perfect venue for any kind of occasion.

  • Private lounge for you and your friends
  • Doorman greets each of your guests
  • Socialize in the main bar area or sports room
  • Dedicated Bartender servers drinks and keeps the room polished and pristine
  • Jukebox with expandable music library allows you to set the mood
  • Subtly blends tech with traditional wood finished
  • Invite entire organizations or individual players to visit
  • Accessible to those you've invited even if you're offline
  • Enter via any elevator on ArcCorp
  • Show off trophies you've earned and souvenirs you've collected in ornate display cases
  • Two wall-size aquariums you can fill with exotic fish, plants and other decorations that you find of purchase
  • Supports up to 25 simultaneous players