Missing Crew

Investigation mission from Carson & Meeks Investigations
Missing Crew
Priority General
Type Investigation
UEC Pay Up to 10000
Start Location Hurston AO / Crusader AO / ArcCorp AO
Faction Carson & Meeks Investigations / TriStar Private Intelligence

The Missing Crew mission tasks the player with finding the crew of a wrecked ship.


  • Missing Crew
  • Starfarer's Crew Missing
  • Search for Missing Crew


Spoiler content

"The family members of the crew serving aboard a (Ship) that was recently reported as destroyed are hoping to find some closure. (Faction) is looking for contractors to investigate the wreckage and see if they can learn the crew's fate. We've been asked to expedite matters, and are looking to settle this ASAP. It goes without saying, but be careful out there. We would hate for whatever or whoever happened to the (Ship) to happen to you. Your assistance in the matter is much appreciated."

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