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mobiGlas Casing

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Mobiglas casing variants.jpg
mobiGlas Casing
ManufacturermicroTech (MITE)
Type Casing for the mobiGlas
Usage Equipped onto the mobiGlas
UEC Cost 4000

A mobiGlas Casing is a series of colored casings available to equip onto the mobiGlas. It is used to customize your wrist device.

Apply your own style to your mobiGlas with this custom paint casing.[1]

They are currently available for sale at The Factory Line in New Babbage for 4000 aUEC each.

There are 20 different variants available: original, crimson, apricot, lemon, emerald, aqua, sapphire, violet, blush, snow, steel, charcoal, maroon, amber, sand, woodland, ocean, azure, plum, cedar.[2]


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