The Factory Line

Landmark in New Babbage in the Stanton system
MicroTech Factory Line Store.jpg
The Factory Line
LocationStanton system    In New Babbage

The Factory Line is microTech's flagship store in New Babbage.

"We started by revolutionizing personal computing... and we never stopped... "
Wall inscription[1]

Products for sale

Product Description Price (aUEC) Color Variants
Glas datapad Elevate your performance without sacrificing portability. The latest Glas features lightning-fast 7th-generation interlaced processors that scored 97 points on the prestigious Crowder test, making it the current best-in-class in handheld computing. (Display models only)
GW-9 diagnostics cart With more powerful simulation capabilities, the GW-9 can identify problems faster than ever before while locating potential issues with an improved margin of error, doing more than save time on costly repairs, it can save lives. (Display models only)
icePick cryptokey There is no time for guesswork when it comes to getting your system back online and running. The cross-link 3-rep dateline with a pinpoint response TAC can not only provide faster access, it can do it without interrupting vital stackflows. 1,600
memVio booster blade Dedicated mem-trace computation architecture supports concurrent returns across a wide range of active functions to allow the memVio to greatly increase your ship's moment to moment data output. (Display models only)

Meran holotable Whether you're reviewing quarterly financials, analyzing a structural plan, or coordinating strategic movements, the Meran is about sharing information in real time in the real world. The latest model introduces a new level of interactivity thanks to its multi-user focus that provides your team the tools they need for productive discussions. (Display models only)

Mirage holo-projector Making holograms that look great in perfect conditions is easy. Designing a projection system with smoother motion and increased depth of view that could be visible in real world conditions with this kind of clarity was nothing short of a technological marvel. (Display models only)

mobiGlas casings Apply your own style to your mobiGlas with this custom paint casing. 4,000 Amber, Apricot, Aqua, Azure, Blush, Cedar, Charcoal, Crimson, Emerald, Lemon, Maroon, Ocean, Original, Plum, Sapphire, Snow, Steel, Violet, Woodland
optiCore avionics Featuring unlocked nexeron process-cores, the latest microTech avionic platforms push the boundaries of performance flight and can handle the advanced computational needs of the modern vehicles being manufactured today. (Display models only)

Reverie AR Lens Approved by the EHS for extended wear, the innovative crystal flex material developed for the Reverie prevents user fatigue and eye irritation while its incorporated display constantly adjusts to your ocular needs throughout the day. included with mobiGlas

(not yet implemented)

Strata holosphere You rely on accurate data to analyze situations and make critical decisions. that's why we overhauled the Strata to make interfacing with our holosphere as intuitive as possible under even the most severe conditions so you can keep your focus on what matters. (Display models only)

Muse simpod To faithfully recreate another world, we have revolutionized our projectors to create a color density more vibrant and images more detailed to create an immersive experience never before seen in a simpod. (Display models only)
optiVis VI Specs Information is only useful if you can access it when it's most needed. From hospitals to boardrooms, optiVis provides new ways to access the data you need most, when you need it with an embedded invisible liquid display. (Display models only)
GlasOS Blizzard The latest OS update allows developers more ways to harness and unlock the suite of powerful PX tools to improve app integration, allow for seamless security updates, and create dynamic notifications. (Display models only)
mobiGlas Wrist Mount Why choose between comfort and style? With stay cool nano-breezeways woven throughout and and the introduction of our longWear latching system, your mobiGlas now feels as good as it looks. (Display models only)

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