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Modern Xi'an Year

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A Modern Xi'an year (short: MXY) is exactly 1.28 Standard Earth Years.[1] Xi'an refer to their calendar in their "Imperial Age" , followed by a "imperial year."

In a forum post, it was stated that a Xi'an day was exactly 1.28 Earth Days, implying that the Xi'an also have 365.25 days in a year. This has not been referenced elsewhere outside of this post.[2]

New Calendar

The new calendar epoch began in I.0 (19668 BCE SEY) as a result of the Great Divide: the Xi'an homeworld was destroyed and the remaining Xi'an migrated to their only remaining planet, Ka'ua and crowned the first Emperor of all Xi'an. Since then the calendar counts forth until a next Imperial Age is announced. In case of a new house get in power, the current Imperial Age (era) ends and the calendar us reset to "year 0".

Imperial Ages

Imperial Age Start Date End Date SEY Ruling House Event
I (First Imperial Age) I.0 I.14680 From 19668 BCE to 878 BCE Ru’a Crowning of the first Xi'an Emperor
II (Second Imperial Age) II.0 ? II.1824 From 878 BCE to 1457 CE Xy.ō I.14680 / II.0 Abdication of Emperor Se'ang se Ru’a and crowning of the first Xy.ō ruler.
The Dark (II.1706) (II.1824) From 1305 to 1457 Interregnum Eradication of the Xy.ō dynasty during the Spirit Wars, but calendar was continued
III (Third Imperial Age) III.0 ? ongoing From 1457 - ongoing Kr.ē II.1824 / III.0 Crowning of U.e'o se Kr.ē

See also

  • SEY, a Standard Earth Year


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