Spirit Wars

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Spirit Wars
Type Interspecies War
Dates 351 SEY - 1342 SEY (~991 years)
Losses Heavy
Result Ceasefire
  • Eradication of the Xy.ō house
    • Heavily crippled the Xi'an Empire governing body
    • End of the Second Imperial Age
  • Restricted contact with the Kr'Thak
    • Fortification in systems connected to Kr'Thak space
    • Banned jump point exploration in systems connected to Kr'Thak space

The Spirit Wars was a series of hostilities between the Xi'an Empire and Kr'Thak which lasted around 991 years (II.961 - II.1735; 351-1342 SEY).[1] It was the longest and most devastating conflict in the Xi'an history.[2]

Course of the war

The reason and exact course of the wars are unknown.

Incident of 1296

A singular event is mentioned in the Letter From The Gatac Archives. One letter is written by Iith se Xy.ō, Empress of the Empire adressed to Matriarch Yoam and the Council of House Gatac in 1296 SEY, II.1699 and released in 2951. Iith explains that after a 10-year period of peace the Kr'Thak had attacked a 'training' space station in the orbit of 'Tethām', 'on the edge of' Hyoton. She describes that the station had been inhabitated by recruits and that the Kr'Thak had destroyed all ships and the station. The Letter ends with Iith's call to war and her order to House Gatac to prepare for action.[3]


The Galactapedia states: 'During a Kr'thak incursion in II.1706 (1342 SEY), Emperor Iith se Xy.ō and all in her House were exterminated.'[1]

The Xi'an Empire experienced a 152-year interregnum (called The Dark) and fell back in pre-dynastic, civil-warlike conditions.[4]

The war ended years later ended in a stalemate and both sides cut and avoided further contact.

Older Lore

Eradication of the Xy.ō house (412 CE)

In 412 CE, timed to coincide with an important family celebration in honor of Y.ah'a se Xy.ō, the house's great matriarch and first Emperor the Kr'Thak launched an orbital bombardment of the Xy.ō estate, elimating the reigning Emperor Xy.ō and her house, leaving nothing but a massive crater behind. After the devastation, the Kr'Thak activated dozens of strike forces around the Xi'an empire, systematically targeting any location with a remaining member of the Xy.ō family. The entire Xy.ō line had been eliminated and their house's 1,735 SEY reign was over, which brought the Second Imperial Age to a brutal and decisive end.[2]

The remaining military bureaucrats in the crippled Xi'an Empire government negotiated a ceasefire with the Kr'Thak sometime between 412 CE to 501 CE.[2]


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