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Croshaw - Sol
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Croshaw - Sol
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Croshaw - Sol is a jump point of allowing interstellar travel from Croshaw to Sol.It lies between Pluto, Neso, and Neptune. It is the first jump-point which was successfully crossed back and forth by Discoverer Nick Croshaw on April 10, 2271.


'Neso Triangle'

In 2262 the Goodman and two other ships went missing near Pluto. The region was officially declared a no-fly zone by the government in the same year. The region was called Neso Triangle, since the anomaly wasn't discovered or explored.

Discovery of the Jump Point

The Goodman, a Type-IV cargo vessel, and his crew were lost without a trace in 2262. Its remains were rediscovered in 2944 in the Croshaw-system.[1]

10 years later, Nick Croshaw discovered that the anomaly was a wormhole, connecting two low visible gravity-wells through a tunnel and was able to fly through the anomaly.[2][3] It was found that more of these anomalies existed and they were called jump points.


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