Nick Croshaw

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Nick Croshaw
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2260 (before)
Died 2312 (after)
Role Discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw)
Faction UEE

Nick Croshaw is the discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw). In 2271, after almost ten years of study of the Neso Triangle he successfully returned from the Croshaw system and reported his discovery, pioneering the profession that was later called NavJumping.[1] The discovery resulted in calling the newfound star system Croshaw and him becoming a part of popular culture.[2]

"The Unknown may seem incomprehensible to us, but that’s simply because we don’t understand it yet. I wanted to understand. I was willing to go to the end of space to understand."

–Nick Croshaw[3]

"We have become explorers again. We have resurrected mystery, discovery and adventure."

–Nick Croshaw, Commencement speech to graduating class of 2312, UNE Space Academy