Nick Croshaw

Character in Star Citizen
Nick Croshaw
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2236
Died 2321
Role Discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw).
Faction UEE

Nick Croshaw was a pilot. astrophysicist and explorer. He was known for being the first human who navigated successfully through a jump point into an undiscovered extrasolar system, which was named after him.[1]


On April 10, 2271,[2] after almost ten years of study of the Neso Triangle, he successfully returned from the Croshaw system and reported his discovery, pioneering the profession which would later be known as NavJumping.[3] The system was named Croshaw in his honor, and Nick became a part of popular culture.[4] His discovery also ushered in a new era of human exploration.[2]


"The Unknown may seem incomprehensible to us, but that's simply because we don't understand it yet. I wanted to understand. I was willing to go to the end of space to understand."
Nick Croshaw[5]

"Humanity has always been told to reach for the stars. Well, it looks like we may have finally caught one."
Nick Croshaw, 2271

"We have become explorers again. We have resurrected mystery, discovery and adventure."
Nick Croshaw, Commencement speech to graduating class of 2312, UNE Space Academy


  • The First Jump Day, a holiday in the UEE which commemorates Croshaw's first successfull jump through a jump-point.
  • The system which Croshaw discovered bears his name.


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