Northrock Group Bounty (HRT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Northrock Service Group
Northrock Group Bounty (HRT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 39375 + Bonuses
Start Location Hurston AO
Requirements Journeyman Tracker License Certification
Pro Tem Group Warrant Contract
Faction Northrock Service Group

The mission Northrock Group Bounty (HRT) has Northrock Service Group task the player with taking down three High-Risk Target (HRT) in the Hurston vicinity within a certain time limit.


  • Bounty Assignment: Group Warrant (HRT)


Spoiler content

"Advocacy have been hunting down a group, but haven't had much luck. Lucky for them, Northrock is ready to pick up the slack.

We got a time restricted warrant for: - (Name 1) - (Name 2) - (Name 3)

Be careful when you engage the targets. I don't want any of them slipping the net and costing us credits.

Braden Corchado Logistics Officer - Stanton Branch

Northrock Service Group"

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