November 2022 Leaks

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Prior to the release of the expected patch 3.17.4 in November 2022 and the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952, (starting Nov 18), unreleased material about potential ships and game content was published several times from different sources. Datamined data ("Argo MCV") as well as screenshots of brochures ("DRAK Cutter"), or an undated concept art ("RSI Galaxy").

The leaks indicated that CIG had the following ships in different development phases in the pipeline.

  • Variants of the "Drake Cutter", a single-seater ship, brochure material was leaked by a member of the dev team, later datamined from a 3.17.4 PTU build.
  • "RSI Galaxy", a large ship with modularity, later datamined from a 3.17.4 PTU build.
  • "ARGO MCV", from datamined audio.

Another part of the leaks contained information about new localizations for Patch 3.17.4 and/or Patch 3.18 .

Response of CIG

In a Spectrum posting, Tyler Witkin addressed the issue on Nov 13 and expressed understanding for the interest in leaks but pointed out that leaks could create unrealistic expectations, due to outdated, manipulated or incorrect content which would never find his way into the game, without going into detail. In case of the Cutter, he expressed concern that it could hurt the work moral of the team.[1]


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