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Tyler Witkin

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Tyler Witkin on Citizens of the Stars in 2017

Tyler "Zyloh" Witkin is the Director of Community at CIG Austin.[1]

Work at CIG

Tyler Witkin joined the QA team in CIG Austin in November 2014.[2] He was heavily involved in the QA test of Star Marine as a FPS Specialist in early to mid 2015.[3][4][5][6] In parallel he was going to game design school going back and forth between level design and 3D art, but while working at CIG he fell in love with the community[7] He made his own show called which glitch[7]. In July 2015, he started to get involved in projects related to marketing and community on top of his QA duties.[6]

In December 2015, he was promoted to a Senior QA.[8]

In March 2016, CIG was looking to hire a community manager, for which position Jake Bradley was interviewed, however CIG ultimately decided to hire from within and Tyler Witkin was transited from QA to the Community department to become a Community Manager.[9][10] Somewhere around April to May 2017, he was promoted to the Lead Community Manager.[11]

Other Works

He started at Blizzard as a gamemaster and stayed there for about 5 years. He left Blizzard because the internal mobility was difficult due to the sheer amount of talented hard working people. One of his Blizzard friends called Justin had moved to CIG and told Zyloh that that he was working of a house basement with only a dozen or two of people but contagious passion. Zyloh was initially judgmental of leaving Blizzard for some indie start up but as he learned more about the project he became really interested. When CIG QA tester Keegan got promoted to devops engineer, Zyloh came in to chat at the new Austin studio and he loved the vibes.[7]


  • He has experience using multiple engine editors including CryEngine 3, which is what Star Citizen was based on.[2]
  • When he joined CIG after a month he put his two weeks notice due to being overwhelmed at a time where game builds still had to be done manually but he was convinced to give it three months.[7]
  • He likes piracy and pirate ships in general.[7]


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