Novikov Backpack

Backpack manufactured by Caldera
Novikov Backpack.png
Novikov Backpack
ManufacturerCaldera (CLDA)
ClassificationHeavy backpack
Main setNovikov
Base price2,180 aUEC
Inventory120,000 µSCU

The Novikov Backpack is a heavy backpack manufactured by Caldera.[1]

In-game description

Confidently explore cold environments while wearing the Novikov. Caldera designed a spacious backpack to compliment this advanced armor, so those venturing across unknown terrain can bring enough supplies to survive the journey.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Novikov Novikov Armor Novikov Helmet N/A Novikov Backpack N/A N/A
Novikov "Expo" Armor Novikov "Expo" Helmet


Image Name Colour Description Notes aUEC $
Novikov Backpack.png
(Default) Yellow/Grey colouring Available in-game only 2,180 [not available]


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