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LanguagePrimary: English; Secondary: Multiple
FocusSyndicate, Smuggling, Piracy, Criminal, Outlaw
LeadersStesig, CMDR-Burnzzz, Linna3us, WhackaMole, Lightninbolt, Wolfgang
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The fastest growing Syndicate in the 'verse.

These are the things they don’t tell you in the official histories. What is commonly known, but rarely spoken of, is that EvilOrg laid the groundwork for the 2792 Earth Civil War and helped overthrow Messer XI, ending the Messer Era.

EvilOrg is the largest and fastest growing evil organization in the verse. Evil Organized's daring sets it apart from other syndicates. Unlike many exclusive orgs, EvilOrg is inclusive; welcoming free-thinkers from all corners of the verse. EvilOrg's goal is to unify the disparate elements of the underworld to form an alliance capable of challenging the dominance of the UEE and reshaping the power dynamics within the galaxy for ourselves.

It was EvilOrg that helped the hacker group named “Tide” spike Spectrum feeds to deliver the news that Garron II had sentient species. Sentient species who were killed by the Imperator and his Corporate minions. EvilOrg’s operatives spread the activist vid-footage of the aliens’ rational behavior on the galaxy’s Dark Spectrum Networks. “Organized” became the watch-word for the Messer opposition on Earth. The guerrilla attacks that followed used weapons and explosives smuggled, in part, by EvilOrg. The protests that ensued used EvilOrg tactics, even hiding messages inside military comms. Previously isolated and suppressed, the youth of Earth utilized EvilOrg’s smuggling practices that had been honed over hundreds of years of being hunted space criminals.

How did EvilOrg become the term for unnamed syndicates aligned against Ivar Messer and his Corporations? After the 1st Tevarin War 2542-2546, during Ivar Messer’s crackdowns, the North American Outfits, Italian Mafia, The Asian Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Latin Cartels, African Warlords, et al were pushed off Earth and beyond Sol. The crime syndicates synthesized and grew in the vacuum of space. Previously each had controlled isolated areas and fought between themselves over illicit markets and war-profiteering. When the Bosses were kicked off of Earth, it united those syndicates. They melded together, even taking a piece of each other’s culture in their hierarchy of rank to show solidarity.

How did EvilOrg get its name? It was The Messer Times, a propaganda newspaper, that printed “…There is a new level of organized crime in space. They are not isolated families or chaotic pirates. Their shadows connect the darkest corners of the galaxy. This organization is involved in every form of vice and civil rebellion. They seek to destroy this Empire! Citizens, they are not ordinary evil, they are evil organized!…”


EvilOrg, a notorious pirate organization within the verse, boasts a unique and daring approach to recruitment that sets them apart from other criminal syndicates. Unlike secretive factions, EvilOrg openly embraces an inclusive recruitment policy, welcoming pirates and outlaws from all corners of the verse to join their ranks. Their ambitious goal is nothing short of awe-inspiring – to unify the disparate elements of the underworld, rallying all under a single banner. EvilOrg seeks to forge a formidable alliance capable of standing up to the oppression of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). With a vision of solidarity, they aspire to create a force capable of challenging the dominance of the UEE and reshaping the power dynamics within the galaxy. The audacity of EvilOrg's mission has garnered both admiration and fear, as they strive to redefine the very nature of piracy in the vast expanse of the universe.


EvilOrg's operational structure remains shrouded in deliberate obscurity, a strategic necessity to safeguard against the prying eyes of adversaries and maintain the element of surprise. The clandestine nature of the organization is epitomized by its diverse divisions, each veiled in secrecy, their intricacies known only to a select few within the inner echelons.

Among the scant few crews that have emerged from the shadows, Jatas Raiders stand as the formidable face of EvilOrg's militarized might, executing enforcement and organized combat duties with ruthless efficiency, grinding adversaries into proverbial sausage within the meat grinder of their operations. The Ghosts of Grimhex, on the other hand, represent the covert edge of EvilOrg, specializing in special operations, first strikes, and stealth maneuvers, capable of permanently neutralizing any perceived threats. Meanwhile, the enigmatic En1gma crew operates as the organization's primary force in piracy and propaganda, with persistent rumors suggesting a deeper, multifaceted role involving intelligence gathering, black ops, and the audacious coordination of sabotage against rival entities.

Such deliberate ambiguity ensures EvilOrg's adaptability and resilience in the face of ever-evolving challenges within the expansive universe they navigate.


Embracing Freedom, Luxury, and Prosperity

Founded on [DATE REDACTED], EvilOrg stands as a beacon of freedom, challenging the oppressive grip of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) on those who dare to dream differently. Our core belief is that the 'verse should be a realm of boundless opportunities, where every individual has the right to enjoy the finest luxuries and entertainment life has to offer. The UEE, with its exclusive policies favoring the ultra-wealthy politicians and corporate elites, has stifled the aspirations of countless dreamers. EvilOrg refuses to be constrained by such limitations and provides a home for ambitious individuals who share our vision.

Our journey began with a singular objective: Profit. We acknowledge that this goal might lead others to label or denounce us, but we stride forward unapologetically. In the pursuit of profit, we've assembled a vast network of companies that not only enrich our lives but also empower our members with the resources and opportunities needed to transform their dreams into reality.

Central to our success is our commitment to ventures and investments, where risks, whether substantial or modest, are indispensable. Our dedicated team tirelessly scouts and evaluates diverse enterprises, seeking out the most promising opportunities. EvilOrg has strategically invested in various industries, including recreational drugs such as WiDoW and Neon, alongside side items like stims and spirits. Furthermore, our influence extends into the weapons market, marked by our territorial claim on Jumptown[1] and strategic investments in companies such as Joker Engineering and Drake Interplanetary. These, among numerous other meticulously chosen ventures and startups, have propelled EvilOrg to the pinnacle of success.

Money, undeniably, wields significant influence over people's lives, and EvilOrg believes in embracing the fruits of our labor. We revel in the excess revenue, enjoying the luxuries we've rightfully earned. However, our commitment goes beyond personal indulgence. EvilOrg actively contributes to the community, directing charitable donations to those forgotten or abandoned by the UEE. Our organization sponsors and participates in public events and competitions, consistently being recognized for top participation[2] and rewarding individuals who showcase exceptional skill and passion in their fields.

Critics may attempt to label us, but at the end of the day, EvilOrg persists in enjoying the rewards of hard work while giving back to the community. We believe there's nothing wrong with relishing luxury after putting in the effort to attain it. Our profits serve a dual purpose: providing for our members and supporting the community at large. As we continue to forge ahead, EvilOrg remains steadfast in its commitment to freedom, prosperity, and the unabashed pursuit of the dreams that define us.


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