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A 'club drug similar to ecstasy', which affects the nervous system and acts slightly hallucinogenic.[1]

In Hurston Dynamics Jurisdiction, trafficking Neon carries a 8,750 UEC fine as a Class B substance, while possession is legal.

In Crusader Industries Jurisdiction, it is classified Class C, with trafficking carrying a fine of 6,250 UEC and possession considered a misdemeanor with an attached fine of 2,000 UEC.

Location Buy Sell
Area18, ArcCorp 83.41
Loveridge Mineral Reserve, Lyria 82.35
Paradise Cove, Lyria 72.66
Hickes Research Outpost, Cellin 85.16
Stash House (Cellin) 70.32
Nuen Waste Management, Daymar 70.18
Deakins Research Outpost, Yela 85.11
GrimHEX, Yela 85.43
Jumptown, Yela 85.11
Lorville, Hurston 85.64

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