Vice commodity
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Occupancy1 cSCU
Base price121 aUEC
Production stateImplemented

WiDoW is a thick ink-black synthetic opioid that is injected as a liquid. It has spread like wildfire throughout the Empire thanks to the fact that it's relatively easy to produce. This also creates a wide variety of quality between batches of the drug.

Designed to be injected as a liquid directly into the bloodstream, the name derived from one of the main side effects from extensive use, the drug stains the veins black, creating web-like subcutaneous patterns through the body.[1]


A Human drug user showing the telltale black markings caused by WiDoW

WiDoW causes extreme feelings of euphoria next to working as a pain and anxiety relief. It is highly additive and damaging to the human body, where repeated use can eventually lead to black marking of the veins, collapsed veins, various liver and kidney diseases, heart conditions and more.[2]


The production process can easily be replicated by anyone from mulit-system criminal syndicates to inviduals. Potency can vary greatly depending on factors such as quality of ingredients, cleanliness of equipment and temperateture fluctuations during processing. The WiDoW found today is completely synthetic, however it has an organic origin that gave it it's initial image as a relativly safe and very exclusive designer drug.[2]


WiDoW is considered a Class A controlled substance across the UEE.[2] Trafficking carries a 10,000 UEC fine, while possession will set you back 4,000 UEC.[citation needed]


WiDoW's story starts with the discovery of the Oso system in 2681 where a planet, Oso II was discovered with lush and varied biomes. Prior to being placed under the protection of the Fair Chance Act, a survey team managed to gather several unique native plants. One such plant was given the name "nightspiral" due to vibrant multi-colored swirls on its dark petals.[2]

After several unsuccessful attempts at propagating "nightpsiral" scientists began grafting it with other plants at which point it was discovered that a varient produced seeds containing alkaloids. Studies into the seeds medicinal properties were conducted, yet remain highly classified to this day.[2]

By 2867 rumors of a new injectable opioid called "NightNight" were spreading throughout the verse. Originally thought to be non-addictive, this belief would turn out to be patently false with most early users avoiding the addictive effects due to its limited and exclusive availability.[2]

Demand for "NightNight" was high, yet due to limitations in the procurement method, production of the highly sought after drug was slow. In 2879 however, a synthetic version of the drug was perfected and manufacturing spread widely around the UEE within a year.[2]

Due to its now high availability those who used the drug on a monthly basis began using it daily, quickly making its addictive properties known. The addictiveness of the drug was brought to the forefront of the public eye when leaks of Khali O'Brien's extreme weight loss, and black veins on her neck started making their way across the verse. This prompted O'Brien to begin wearing black scarves and turtlenecks in public as columnists began dubbing her the "Black Widow."[2]

With its prominence on the rise, government officials began classifying the fully synthetic drug as "WiDoW" in order to distinguish between it and it's earlier non-synthetic variant.[2]

Late into the 29th Century, many still believed that WiDoW was a safe alternative to many other opioids. This false belief led the UEE to declare it as "one of [the] most significant public health issues of the 30th Century" and designate it as a Class A narcotic.[2]

Trade data

A Trade Terminal displaying WiDoW
A Trade Terminal displaying WiDoW
Location Buy Sell
Area18, ArcCorp 124.04
Loveridge Mineral Reserve, Lyria 124.25
Shubin Mining Facility SAL-5, Lyria 124.25
ArcCorp Mining Area 061, Wala 124.34
R&R CRU-L4 124.48
R&R CRU-L5 123
Stash House (Cellin) 118.48
ArcCorp Mining Area 141, Daymar 123
Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics, Daymar 123.43
Kudre Ore, Daymar 123.53
Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1, Daymar 123.53
Nuen Waste Management, Daymar 118.48
GrimHEX, Yela 101.01 125.06
Jumptown, Yela 101.01
NT-999-XX, Yela 117.18
HDMS-Edmond, Hurston 123
HDMS-Hadley, Hurston 123
HDMS-Oparei, Hurston 123
HDMS-Pinewood, Hurston 123
HDMS-Stanhope, Hurston 123
HDMS-Thedus, Hurston 123
R&R HUR-L3 124.43
R&R HUR-L5 124.43
Lorville, Hurston 123
HDMS-Anderson, Aberdeen 123
HDMS-Norgaard, Aberdeen 123
HDMS-Bezdec, Arial 123
HDMS-Lathan, Arial 123
HDMS-Ryder, Ita 123
HDMS-Woodruff, Ita 123
HDMS-Hahn, Magda 123
HDMS-Perlman, Magda 123


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