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Ku' Lin Nation
Spectrum IDKULIN
LanguageEnglish, German
CommitmentRegular - Hardcore
FocusTrade, Agriculture, On Site Interaction
WebsiteKu' Lin Twitter
Discord ServerKULIN Discord

Welcome to Goss, traveller.

`The following information cites the personal realities and perceptions of the Ku’ Lin people of Goss and does not represent any form of religious belief whatsoever.´

“Ku’ Lin”

noun | \’ Kwh·Leen \

Meaning: “Between Lies”

  • Ku’ Lin is the auditory embodyment of its people’s belief and can carry the meanings: “you are”, “you heal” , “you connect” or "you understand", depending on the context of the sentence it is used in.
  • “Ku’” derives from the tribe’s name for earth goddess: “Ki’ Uras” (Curer), whilst “Lin” means collection or networks of tribes or groups in the nation’s native language. Ku’ Lin can so with be interpreted as: "Healer or Curer of People or Nations".
  • Ku' Lin has the secondary derivative meaning of "Between Lies", because the great spirit "Ku'" is believed to live between the physical, molecular realms in Ku' Lin belief. "Lin" as a network of individuals, tribes or groups, is then seen as a derivative to lies, because Ku' Lin believe that once we begin cooperating as a community, we begin to exchange truths, and slowly, with every time they are passed on and are not rediscovered on a fundamental, spiritual level by an individual, they are distorted and eventually become lies.
  • In this sense, the word Ku' Lin's figurative meaning is: "The practice of maintaining spiritual and fundamental truth, in between the lies the material realm tries to distort us with".

""As we practice Ku' Lin and do not pursue worldly matters without soul purpose, we become connected to our true selves, and so with to the Verse. In this perfect original state of being, we realize that we really are the Verse/the world we live in, and that our environment is no different from our own physical body. Because of this, Ku' Lin's most universal definition is in fact:`True´"
Ku' Lin Essential


"We could easily be at peace, if we considered one another. Once we begin to take, we take peace from ourselves."

- Ku’ Lin are an ancient are an ancient human people, whom had called the planet Cassel in the Goss solar system home for hundreds of thousands of years, before Earth's Humanity discovered it in their year 2503.

- Trader:We have been trading with the "Banu", "Xi'an" and "Tevarin" people for many millennia. This has caused the art of long distance trade to become an iconic subculture among Ku’ Lin and we take pride in fulfilling our contracts to the highest of standards.

- Agriculture: We are considered naturalists by UEE officials because we regard nature as living perfection and containing everything needed to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Thus Agriculture is the second most common specialization among our people.

"We acknowledge plants as conscious beings and treat them as no different from any other living entity, which is why we believe, that they are the link that connects the plants whom have learned to walk, to their nurturer, the mother spirit of their home planet. Ku’ Lin curers attend to their plants as relatives and they respond, by sacrificing their produce to us at a far greater quality, in comparison to when they are raised with only the bare necessities to live. For this reason our bio produce, medicines and remedies are renowned as a phenomenon on markets throughout the verse."

UEE relationship:

- When the UEE discovered "Goss" and encountered us; the humanoid ‘Ku’ Lin’ people there, they were forced to engage in one of the most elaborate cover up operations in UEE history. The UEE recognizes us as an alien species but because we are Human as they are, they decided to brand us as religious outcasts of early Human settler communities, in order to avoid conflicts with Human history. They have promised to one day reveal the truth about us to the public, once they have found a way to do so efficiently, or they find more certain evidence of our history and circumstances.

"When we first encountered the UEE, they quickly realized that they would have to change history in order to justify our being here. Within a years time after we had learned the English language, they hastily offered us a formal, yet unofficial agreement to make the Human settlement of Goss less problematic. This document stated that Ku’ Lin should only reveal ourselves to human settler communities, after 30 years of them having been stationed on Goss and we should then publicly claim to have split away from the settler community, to found our own isolated society deep within the jungles of Cassel (Goss ll). In return the UEE agreed to grant us ownership privileges over vast territories of Gossian land surrounding our already existing residencies and easy access to UEE citizenship. Additionally we were granted the right to migrate at will, to the newly terraformed planets Goss l and Goss lll and to be listed as applicants for the Native Species Protection Acts, which the UEE upholds for all other indigenous cultures it encounters in the verse."

- Spirit:

- We do not often communicate openly with outsiders, as we spend most of our time dedicated to insight and servitude to true purpose. We were often labelled as mystical or precognitive by Humans until we realized, that they did not believe that vision or a connection were a normal part of the Verse and thus stopped expressing our understanding of the spirit body when in their presence.

"We believe that every being is born with a connection to the universe. This connection represents one’s personal nature and apparently is the reason, that leaders of many a nation try to excessively impose science on citizens, in order to make them no longer believe that their own spirit is credible. When asked about our spirituality we can not answer directly, because our spirit is a normal part of reality to us and we do not know of the separate term; “spirituality” being an external option one may choose to pursue."

- Goss – Spectrum Dispatch

- Goss – Ark Starmap Coordinates

- Loremakers guide to the galaxy – Goss system



  • Trade
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine Production
  • Resource aquisition
  • Exploration
  • Locating rare artifacts
  • Production of rare and advanced commodities
  • Engineering
  • Networking
  • Shamanism


  • Researching and contacting sentient life forms in the verse
  • Research and documentation of ancient cultures and archaeological sites
  • Diplomatic Consulting and Representation
  • English/German/Ku'Lin Translation
  • Pet training
  • Plant life documentation

Reading link – A prophecy on Goss lll

CTZN News – Media Coverage of the Ku’ Lin Nation


"By accepting all life as sacred, we achieve a heightened understanding of the concept of life its self and so with of the world we live in."

Overall Ambition:

- Our goal as a people is only to prosper, to live in harmony and completion and to attain what is needed without taking advantage of anyone or anything.

- Ku' Lin's purpose as a community is to support one another in pursuing their higher intentions, which reveal themselves to them once they have become familiar with their environment and the ways of the Verse.

- We aid others in need when the situation arises and although we are pacifists, we are not at all afraid to defend ourselves and those we protect.

Philosophy in Lore:

- By dedicating to advanced meditative techniques called "Khin", Ku' Lin eventually achieve a constant meditative state throughout our day to day lives. This can already begin to occur after a period of only three months of Khin meditation for someone born Ku' Lin, but can also take many years for an outsider to achieve, if they are troubled by letting go of their physical beliefs. Shortly after achieving conscious meditation, the furthering of the practice eventually evolves to become: "Ku' Lin", which is the returning of the spirit to its intended state of existence: a complete converging with the Verse its self.

"We spend most of our lives living in perfect harmony with nature, far away from the tourist locations and farmlands of Goss. We make use of nature’s gifts to dream of and communicate with ancestors and nature’s spirit. We call this spirit the all encompassing and driving Verse and believe it is interconnected with everything that exists within it without limitation."

- The intake of psychoactive plant life from early childhood until our passing is an essential part of of Ku' Lin culture. Ku' Lin DNA has evolved to encompass the active agents of Goss's flora and the effects of these plants have a much different result when we use them compared to humans. This tradition is often accompanied by ritual and varies between phases of regular intake, micro-dosing over longer periods of time and abstinence for the sake of vision in purity. This tradition, in combination with a life of excessive meditation often makes our eyes appear clouded, as if they had no pupils and some even say they glow in lesser lit environments.

"Ku’ Lin belief states that the material world is but a small fraction of a greater eternal reality and that it can only be engaged with non-destructively, if it is constantly treated as just this; a gift that may disappear at any given moment and that must thus be honored all times."

"Standardized technology is a primitive science and relying on it is a form of compensation for one's inability to gain from nature, or to replace a part of ones own nature that one has not discovered yet"

"Animal Brothers: By studying our home world’s wildlife and living in true acceptance and harmony with it animals of all types accept us as allies, allowing us to train them to the highest known standards among humanoid species. If you are well known and trusted among our people, considered more than just an associate and have knowledge of our philosophy of the treatment of the animal kingdom, you may acquire a fine animal companion from us, if he agrees to accept you as his family."

"We call this philosophy or energy: “Filva”, meaning: “sentient coexistence” in Ku’ Lin mother tongue."

- Our many settlements remain concealed to any whom are not native to our tribe. The forests that shelter them consist of ancient trees which are tens of thousands of years old and the lush vegetation of our homelands is so dense, that even even highly trained UEE Marine squads have been known to abort recon missions due to the troublesome terrain.

"Infamy is not our goal, neither is abundance of wealth or influence. If we obtain these things by our actions we embrace them with regulation and consideration of the spirits at all times."

History and Lore:

- Our legends say we split apart from Humanity shortly before it arrived on Earth and that great natural disasters destroyed their first civilizations, causing them to forget their origins. When the Ku’ Lin Seekers sensed Humanity’s arrival was near, we prepared to host them as guests of the highest regards. Following the announcement of the shamans, our scout ships rallied at the jump point and watched Humanity’s ships enter Goss, with small numbers at first and greater military force shortly thereafter. At first we avoided them completely for many years, in order to let them become familiar with Goss's environments but after picking up deep planetary scans on our arrays, we knew that they must have discovered our presence and eventually revealed ourselves to them. After meeting their leaders and learning their languages, we realized quickly that they had lost all knowledge of their origins, that they no longer were a part of us and the could no longer see the Verse. Later, when we discovered the multitude of cultures still present on Earth, we regained hope, as we had found that there were still a fair few that knew of the origin of everything. Sadly these good people were greatly disregarded amongst Humanity’s tech based cultures and we learned that their governments had caused people of spirit immense suffering for many generations, whilst only acknowledging their humanity in formalities. These times in Humanity’s history had changed for the better within the last six hundred years, but the marks of emptiness in their people’s souls showed that they missed a large part of their own eternal growth due to their horrific past.”

- Our most ancient tales tell of a time many aeons ago, when our people were forced to evacuate our home system for unknown reasons and thus began a great interstellar migration through the depths of space. Shortly before we reached our new home, the convoy of capital ships that carried what was left of our population was alerted by a scout ship which had detected a possible collision course with an incoming super-comet. This monolithic threat caused a small group of capital ships to change course, split away from the remaining convoy and end up finding a habitable home in Goss, whilst the rest of Humanity ended up settling on Earth in the Sol system. After it’s arrival on Earth, great natural disasters and wars brought about a near wipe out of Human civilization on the planet, causing a complete amnesia of their heritage and scientific achievements. Ku’ Lin on the other hand continued to practice our ancient culture without interruption, for many generations and approximately 100.900 years later we re-encountered our own kind, when Humanity’s technology had evolved enough to let them travel among the stars once again. Our reunion with Humanity was although at first anticipated with joy, still somewhat a disappointment, as we soon realized that our lost brothers refused to acknowledge the stories we told them of their origins. Their DNA had evolved significantly to suit Earth's atmosphere and they had become greatly disconnected from the verse, causing them to believe that they must conquer in order to be happy.

"Instead of trying to forcefully bring on progression, we simply prevent its disruption by living a life that does not hinder it."

- Contrarily to Humanity, we eventually reached such an advanced understanding of the Verse that technology became almost obsolete to us. We had achieved a status quo of self sustainability, renewable energy and completely biodegradable synthetics before we once left our original home world and after we had called Cassel's incredible ecosystem home for a long enough time, we took our technological evolution to the next level by returning to a completely naturalistic way of living, whilst only using technology where it was absolutely needed.

"As nowadays Humanity prides its self in having achieved technological greatness, it is known that they once forgot about the great science of self which existed before there was a need for technology. Although their legends tell of such a time in a story they call: “The Garden of Eden”, they eventually lost a definite connection to the universe that cradled them and thus proceeded to wander blindly, whilst worshiping science and power for most of their new beginning."

- We believe that it is our responsibility to foster our knowledge of the universe around us, by furthering our connection to the sub-matter dimension and trading with other alien races. Those that know nothing of our beliefs mistake our knowledge for magic and report that we have discovered a way to interconnect our spirits with technology in a very subtle, yet highly meaningful way. To us this phenomenon is nothing special though, as technology is also only a fragment of the universe its self and as we believe;

"If you know what the book is made of, you need no longer read it to know what is written inside."

This Ku’ Lin saying means; if you are connected to the book (the universe) in a fundamental way, everything that exists within it is part of its nature and is so with familiar to you.

- Even though we are strictly against industrialization, we still run sophisticated tech, of which we have known since before we came to Goss in small, hidden, underground construction facilities, growing houses, chop shops, laboratories and scanning arrays.

- We acquire much of our synthetic technology through the salvaging of battlefields recent and ancient. Many relics and prehistoric battlefields lie scattered across our homelands, overgrown by vegetation and never discovered by modern people. We know our home system like no other and we often scan out combat signatures or even sense them with the help of clairvoyance. Our meditative techniques enable us to cultivate a sensory bond with the electromagnetic frequencies and dark matter fluctuations our home system consists of, which grants us the the ability to sense events many light years away, by the impact they have on the fabric of the space-time continuum. Sometimes a shaman may awaken from a state of meditation with a shout, only to tell his scouts of having sensed death and suffering somewhere in the verse. Our shamans call this process: “seeking” and do not only use it to find salvage, but also to sense the presence of hunting game, pinpoint incoming threats, and even to channel great prophecies. This ability is a product of evolutionary conditioning through constant practice and the passing on of knowledge and techniques over hundreds of generations, if not more.

"One will witness a mocking smile on a Ku’ Lin’s face when outsiders debate that our medicine may be magic, as we learned that some of Earth's religions where corrupted to make them believe that their own nature is evil and that they should mutilate this part of their spirit in order to find god. Contrarily, we believe that the path to finding the great spirit is not to banish a part of ones self, but to choose the good path willingly and knowingly."

UEE Intelligence:

- Ku’ Lin people are a rare sight to behold. Civilians whom have met one recall that being in their presence gave them a sensation of being exposed to a subtly exhilarating, rejuvenating sensation. They are often revered by those whom have met them as compassionate, kind people, whom despise any form of malevolent intent. It is common hearsay that the Ku’ Lin possess precognitive abilities which when confronted, they openly state are a normal part of their nature and not supernatural at all.

Goss I

It is estimated that they consist of approximately 50.000 tribes people on Goss I, consists of approximately 50.000 tribes people, of which an estimated 15.000 work on its vast farmlands. Their intimate bond with nature helps them achieve almost 400% of the productivity of non-native run farms, which is a baffling and yet again damning statistic to the otherwise proud UEE scientists. These facilities provide a great source of income for them, which they only reinvest in trade and the process of sustaining a governing influence in Goss. This investment’s purpose is to stop the tourism industry from taking over their most prized of all possessions, that which they call their temple or their church and their only protection from infiltration by modern culture, the perfect ecological state of their homeland.

Cassel (Goss II) "Wodun"

Ku’ Lin people’s home world and the first planet they settled on after arriving in Goss. Approximately 120.000 live on Cassel which the Ku’ Lin people call “Wodun”.

The name “Wodun” is a mix of terminologies that are considered to be main elements of spirituality to the Ku’ Lin people, namingly: “Woh” (nature/past/heritage), and “Dun” (Ideal spiritual state of being and doing simultaneously, or: true existence).

Hardly any of the tribes people there mix with the tourist industry, as they despise any type of life afar from nature or the serenity of a perfectly silent space craft on a long trade run. Cassel’s ecology is the embodiment of Ku’ Lin beliefs and a place of tranquility and high worship for them. This is the reason they also began to half jokingly call it their “Castle”, after learning Human languages and realizing that their home had been named “Cassel”. When Humanity discovered Goss , they terraformed Goss III and Goss and as the tourist industry became a burden in the eyes of the natives, a fair amount migrated to the newly blooming, neighboring worlds created by the UEE. Human industry leaves plenty of jungle to live the secluded life Ku’ Lin prefer, but they are still rarely seen running storefronts in the city, trade stands in alleyways or simply loitering in such peddling dried psychoactive plants. These plants are more than often considered contraband by the UEE but they are nothing special to the Ku’ Lin, as they grow up using them for religious and ritualistic practices from a very young age and they are highly biologically accustomed to their effects. Rarely, if one seeks a connection and happens to make the right acquaintance, one may be directed or escorted to a secluded Witchdoctor’s lair in midst the city, where Spiritual guidance and charms or said herbal remedy will be available for purchase or trade.

Goss III

No one knows how many Ku’ Lin live on Goss III since the UEE' has it on lock down. Even though it is a restricted area for civilians and tourists, UEE' military reports list many sensory registries of incoming and outgoing Ku’ Lin spacecraft, which they simply can not intercept as the timing of their takeoffs and landings is so perfect, that it is only ever recorded on scanners. The UEE have given up the attempt of policing this traffic because the Ku’ Lin have almost no ecological footprints on the planet’s surface and they never interfere with UEE procedures. Since the planet is completely covered in rain forest, the tribe’s hidden villages and thought to be partially underground settlements simply have not been discovered yet. Additionally the UEE acts under policy to not interfere with any indigenous life forms whatsoever on Goss III and Ku’ Lin happen to fit the bill. The only signs of indigenous presence are the sometimes willingly placed irregularities and humorous signals which science convoys and rangers encounter from time to time.

UEE Internal:

Legend has it that a troop of rangers ten man strong once encountered the Ku’ Lin on Goss III. This is an urban legend among soldiers stationed at Goss III, yet some soldiers will claim to be the descendants of those having been present. They will tell the story as it is also said to be archived in UEE records, but redacted to all but officer or even general ranks because of its humiliating nature. Apparently the troop was scouting the edges of UEE known safety zones two generations ago, when within an instant the entire squad stopped dead in its tracks, afraid to even blink. They had patrolled so close to a group of Ku’ Lin twenty man strong, that the perfectly camouflaged warriors simply needed but take a few steps from their hiding places in order to be detaining the entire ranger squad at gunpoint. In an apparent moment of life and death, the warriors not engaging in acts of detainment brought forth necklaces made of Vodun Flowers and hung them around the ranger’s necks. The detaining men then unarmed the rangers, walked 20 steps ahead and placed the UEE weapons on a pile of leaves to protect them from being soiled and then disappeared again, into the vibrant green vegetation they had emerged from.

If you ever meet one, state: "Yedi N’ala” as a greeting and he will know that you are sincere. The phrase means so much as: "Magic is not god" and is a core principal of Ku’ Lin belief. It’s figurative meaning would be: “The supernatural is only a tool and its practice does not make you a god or worth more than any other being”. In this association the word supernatural is defined as the evolved natural or: “That which is natural, yet developed beyond the norm and so with seemingly magical”.

Ku’ Lin claim that to the great creator spirit, our mental abilities are not magical at all, but simply a part of our own nature that many of us have forgotten with time and begun to fear when re-encountering them.

Event documentation:

18.02.2945 – Link – UEE mystified: Not a single tribe member of Ku’ Lin Nation affected by Lynch Fever

18.10.2946 – Link – A prophecy on Goss III

27.10.2946 – UEE officially acknowledges stars as entities.


Initial Contact: 10 years after system discovery – 4 years after deep planetary scans – Friendly, withdrawn.


First Encounter: (Recording of a staunch voice violently suppressing laughter, due to the unusually pacifistic nature of the encounter)

“Assigned recon squad initially failed to locate target entities whom revealed themselves via an ambush at evac location. Recon reported that targeting lasers suddenly marked them from all directions during boarding, causing marines to surrender their weapons immediately. Shortly thereafter several shamans emerged from the foliage and executed a brief display of ritualistic enactments. Meanwhile native ambush snipers revealed themselves, laid down their firearms and signaled for the UEE marines to retrieve their weapons, thus willingly giving up their strategic advantage to a complete surrender as a sign of; friendship (strongly contained breathing). The UEE diplomat immediately ordered the marines to stand down and approached the shamans further to receive a display of gestures and giftings. Marines report seeing the native warriors only retrieving their arms after evac was airborne.”

Second Encounter: (Recording in an unusually awkward composure).

“Command assigned a full scouting fleet to the mission in order to prevent the embarrassing show up of the last recon. Upon returning to target area, not a single member of the tribes people was armed. After a mere two hours of peaceful engagement and festivities, Ku’ Lin reveal women and children whom seem to have no fear whatsoever of the present Marines. After the third hour their Shamans were already beginning to speak basic English to an eerily efficient degree.”

Official Diplomatic Arrangement: (Document)

Subjects state that they have no interest in hostilities and promise to refrain from any such actions prior to and infinitely beyond diplomatic engagements. After a brief introductory ritual presentation by the Ku’ Lin, UEE representatives present Ku’ Lin leaders with contractual agreement requesting Ku’ Lin Nation to refrain from contacting general population, due to the controversial nature of their presence and within 30 years after first contact, officially state to have split off from Human settler communities, in order to pursue alternative religious lifestyle. In exchange for their their participation, the Nation of Ku’ Lin shall receive primary indigenous species status, land ownership rights and easy access to UEE Citizenship. – Ku’ Lin agree whilst requesting additional natural preservation policies. UEE offers reassurance that the protection of Cassel's nature is a fundamental element of strategic interest and guarantees the highest judicial level of non-reserve status protection of all natural environments throughout Goss.


Name: Ku’ Lin

Location: Cassel, Goss

Language: Hav’

Biology: Humanoid, Human.

Estimated Population: 300.000-400.000

Demeanor: Peaceful, intelligent, spiritual, naturalist. Subjects possess heightened scientific and technological understanding. Reject technology to a degree to pursue natural ideology.

  • Subjects are highly elusive and adapted to natural lifestyles.
  • Subjects claim to be connected to the Verse and to possess the ability to see future intent with no difference to seeing physical occurrences.
  • Subjects are profoundly self conscious and can not be deterred from their tribal and religious agendas / wish to be respected as individuals.
  • Subjects possess vast knowledge of biophysical processes which they claim is given to them by the Verse.

During first diplomatic engagements a subject cured a present soldier of a life long derogatory nervous system illness, by first asking to attempt to do so and the soldier casually agreeing. Apparently, the soldier was seated within a circle of leaves with a shaman during diplomatic talks, where the shaman only meditated without touching the individual. The marine in mention returned to headquarters completely relieved of his affliction.

Caution: Soldiers and representatives on site said to have been spooked by subject individual’s ability to speak past presented agendas and address primary mission goals not yet revealed to them.

State of Technological Knowledge:

To what is known, on par with humanity. Subjects possess an elaborate space faring trade culture with all other known alien species and are highly capable in terms of engineering spacecraft, medical facilities, scientific laboratories and weaponry.


None whatsoever except self defense. Tribal communities possess several guerilla fleets of alien space craft and weaponry and have adapted to include Human technology since contact.


Lore and Famous Sayings:

"Some call us religious, some call us weak, but we know not why they speak lowly of us, for we do not destroy worlds for the sake of entertainment as they do. My brother Man became one of them and sought to kill what he was told to kill, but he never saw for himself whom he was killing. I will never become like him."
Ku' Lin Proverb

"We are those whom act,

not because they want to belong,

but because we really are.

We need not justify,

as we are those who were simply born,

not into privilege,

but into intuition and understanding,

understanding of the heart, the mind and the family

Thus we should hold hands as brothers and sisters,

to form a chain strong enough to withstand great mobs of berserkers and madmen,

just by the power of understanding."

- As our eldest tell us legends of the beginning of our people, from long before the beginning of modern documentation, they describe ancient remnants of beings from a time even before holo-documentation was possible. Modern humanity sees this evidence and ignores it in order to uphold the teachings it gives its children. They would rather teach a lie, than to admit that they do not know all that was. In fact, this galaxy alone holds so much evidence of ancient life that scientists have given up trying to document it. Some people say that there can not be a beginning and others believe that if we knew how everything began we would be gods, which is why we can never find out what really happened. But because time outlives our mortal memory and data capacities, we Ku’ Lin believe it is proof of god / the creator spirit. Should it not be part of god himself, it is proof of his power in a way which we can not see, but always know of his never ending existence. It must be one of his greatest creations, second only to his greatest of them all; the spirit of life.

- The legend of the great migration tells us that we came to Goss around the same time the tech cultures arrived on Earth. They even claim we may have been the same people and that we all came from the same home world once. Apparently, during our journey to find a new home, Humanity’s convoy was almost hit by a great comet, which forced some of our clans to change course in order to avoid catastrophe. This way we found and settled in Goss, whilst the rest of our people settled on a planet called Earth.

- We do not know why we left our ancient home world many many generations ago, but it has been told among our people ever since anyone can remember, that we once fled from a vicious, conquering, alien species called: the "Vanduul" , and that we are destined to return to this world after the "Vanduul" have been defeated.

“We look to the trees and only to the trees for direction. Where there are no trees we still seek them, as the great cities of the verse were built where there once were great trees and their spirits still linger where they once stood. When we are “Ku’ Lin” we see trees as brothers and sisters no different from ourselves.”

"When we say we look to the trees, we relate to a state of tranquility gained by living as one with nature and the verse over a lifetime. In this state, trees to us and the other similar lifeforms to someone whom may come from a planet without trees, are entities whom have achieved the highest state of being and must now only ever exist and grow in a state of perfect existence. They are connected to the Verse in a way that they have merged with it completely, and their active bodies represent the Verse's ultimate mathematical identity. Within our true connected nature, everything within the Verse exists as one large consciousness and intercommunicates constantly, not by speaking or meditating, but by being the same. Thus when we travel through the forest, we find our way simply by giving our attention to the part of ourselves which is the forest."

There is no difference if we are in a forest or outside of an atmosphere in space, because the Verse also acknowledges what you may call: “nothing” as an interconnected manifestation within it.


"Where there is emptiness, the greater spirits reside. They are the ones whom live beyond the Verse, but are still no different from it. They are only beyond it, because their minds are alleviated infinitely. This means that their only purpose understandable by mortal spirit, is destiny and its consequences."

"When we travel through space we still use tech based navigational techniques because being connected is not a reason to feel superior or immortal. Quite contrarily, the highest of insights into the Verse lets us acknowledge and cherish physical achievements, as they represent life's homage to the world that created it by engaging with it in way of mastery of the physical realm."

  • In silence we become one with the universe, one with ourselves. When we speak we give birth to new spirits. Thus we should be wary as not to create abominations and demons.
  • Stand among us as an equal no matter what species you are. We will cause you no harm, unless you intend to harm yourself.
  • Believe what you see, and what you don’t see. Vision is a gift, not a mistake.
  • We are who we are and you are who you are. This does not mean we must kill each other. It means we may learn from one another and help one another to become stronger.
  • Trade well with us, and you will be treated fairly. Insult us, and you will leave in a pod as an empty pod.
  • I carry a Blade because war is in my blood, but I practice warfare because it was forced upon me. Spirit teach me. Let me teach myself, not only of what I need, but of all things.

Link – A prophecy on Goss III


Favaha (Spirit Flight)

`The Ku' Lin Star Citizen Organization represents the indigenous humanoid inhabitants of Goss.´

General Game Play:

Our primary goal is to support the well being of each and every tribe member and to uphold a regular culture of communication and cooperation, in order to maintain a positive and efficient community atmosphere.

Membership:We differentiate clearly between full members and affiliates. Full members must pass a lengthy initiation period, whilst affiliates may join casually to contribute to Ku’ Lin community game play. If they do not wish to become full members, they may eventually gain the status of trusted affiliate, if they contribute without incident for a long period of time.

Affiliates need not engage in tribal rites and are free to pursue their own agendas. They ensure to uphold a morally inclined demeanor as long as they are representing Ku’ Lin.

Role Play: Only required for full members through their actions in the verse. This means main members must follow tribal code and dedicate to cooperating and networking as a tightly knit community (role play through action).

Regular communication and networking are necessary for full members. Longer unexcused periods of inactivity will result in exclusion from the tribe.

Solo Game Play: Full members are welcome to pursue personal agendas on a regular basis, as long as they contribute significantly to the tribe, in one form or another. When acting as an individual, members are expected to represent the tribe responsibly. This can be achieved by maintaining positive moral conduct in the verse and being ready to counteract aggression without resorting to violence, unless it is their last resort.


- Being Ku’ Lin is about discovering the verse and progressing on ones own path, without ever being isolated from the rest of the tribe. This means that your personal progress is also seen as the tribe’s progress, because your acquired skills and assets eventually become valuable tools when you to cooperate with other members. Members should always keep in mind, in what way they may help the rest of the community with what they have achieved on their own and how they can contribute to it on a regular basis. Tribe members carry the responsibility of teaching other members and initiates new, essential skills and engineering a meaningful environment, which others enjoy dedicating their play time to.

- Those whom choose to contribute to the tribe on a regular basis, are not rewarded for doing so with higher ranks or payments. Dedication is seen as a natural part of being Ku’ Lin and rewards or profit distribution should not be seen as a motivation to do such. The well being of the tribe as a whole is Ku’ Lin’s greatest reward and when accounted for, tribal assets will be freely and equally accessible to all fully initiated Ku’ Lin.

- Members must always be willing to support each other. Activities that further the tribe’s well being and stability, should take visible priority over personal agendas, when they are of significant strategic importance.

Tribal Code:

  • Affiliates: Considered to be business partners. No role play requirements are expected of affiliate members. Affiliates may take part in tribal activities freely and are expected only to abide by general tribal law and represent a mature and responsible demeanor.
  • Initiation: Those not born as Ku’ Lin but willing to become full tribe members, must prove themselves as dedicated to the ways of our people by training to become initiated into the tribe. In order to achieve this, they must spend an initiation period of a full year under the guidance of elders, whilst attempting to understand the nature of our beliefs and rituals, and not committing any crime against life. Upon completion of the initiation, they are familiar with the tribe’s rites and ways, and are able to take up responsibility in furthering it’s interests.

"When the elders see their behaviors begin to change, when they see the adepts begin to commune and understand the world around them, they are announced to be Ku’ Lin and given the title: “Nahje” (Spirit Walker)."

  • Conduct: Fully initiated members (Ku’ Lin) must uphold a demeanor of non violence and sophistication within all their actions in the Verse. They maintain their freedoms as individuals and may do as they please, or as their personal nature asks of them. There is no need to enforce our laws over Ku’ Lin, because upon initiation the tribe’s laws are seen as the way of the Verse and become a part our personal nature.
  • Role play: RP is not required as a constant form of communication. It only refers to tribe member’s actions when representing Ku’ Lin.

"No knowledge of the Ku’ Lin language (Hav’) except a few, basic formalities are requested of full members."

  • Professions: We welcome all professions, especially trade, and agriculture, but strictly reject all forms of piracy. Consequences to piracy of Ku’ Lin members are as stated below.
  • Combat:PvP may occur in self defense, bounty hunting or org warfare once initiated. No piracy or preying upon the weak or innocent will be tolerated and will result in immediate exclusion and the severing of all ties.
  • Guardians: Those of us whom choose to dedicate to the tribe’s safety spend a lifetime in training for pvp combat situations. We are aware that in certain situations combat is a necessity for survival. In order to become a warrior, a Ku’ Lin tribe member must first gain the highest level of initiation, which requires that he reaches a state of divinity. When he achieves this state, he becomes what we call a “Kulekkn”. Kulekkn is one whom his free to be without self, as he surrenders himself totally to the spirits in servitude. Thus he is able to do combat without affliction or contamination, due to the purity of his motivation.

"Kulekkn Prayer: “Ka ha ya, ku’ hu Yedin. As I give myself to you, I acknowledge that my purpose is no different from yours, Verse. I shall no longer seek, for through you I have found, Mahajubin, Ku’ Lin. Koh’ un, Kulekkn.”"

  • Finance: Our motivations are based solely on our beliefs. This means we acquire UEC to support our causes, but our main motivations are self sustainability, positive relations and the search for higher purpose within the Verse.
  • Established Members/Contribution: Once players have passed the entry rite and proven the ability to function within the tribe, they should choose a specialization they are passionate about to pursue regularly. Members are free to change their profession at will, as long as a continuous effort to dedicate the to show effort.
  • Member Donations: Members whom feel inclined to reallocate excess resources of their own to the tribe in form of a communal donation, should only be motivated to do so, from their own desire and interest in furthering the tribe’s overall well being.

Donations will not be utilized to motivate others to donate or to inspire donations of specified amounts. Donations are considered sacred and thus only take place on a free and personal level. Donators act as part of the tribal community. Their willingness to contribute is considered a personal decision and thus is not policed or evaluated in any form. Donations will not be considered when assigning officer ranks, as ranks are distributed according to the individuals level of initiation, personal desires and abilities.

  • Insight: Every being, no matter what species, race or gender is sacred. Treat each and every living spirit with honor and respect, greater than you would treat even yourself. We accept all living beings and even plants as conscious beings.
  • Fraud: Scamming in any form is forbidden as stealing is an untruth, which will lead to the decay and corruption of your root energy.
  • Loans: Repay any debts before you acquire anything but the utmost essentials for your self. A carrying weapon and ammo are considered essentials, just as an enhancing plant may be.
  • Aid: It is our duty to help those in need. The opportunity to restore peace allows us to advance our inner spirit. In the verse, no one is financially needy. The only form of need here is protection against violence, be it physical or spiritual.

Ritual: - Meditate and seek inner self to make it ever present. Conscious self gives us a state of consciousness parallel and equal to all that is external. Conscious self grants us entry to a connection to that which is. We call it the Verse, Everything and Nothing and it can help us know what will be, what will become and even what was or, what is.

Bear: - Care wholeheartedly for brother plant so that he will let us harvest his offspring, whom in rite and return will become part of us.

Walk: - Carry the leaves long distances at day or in the cover of darkness to sell them only to those in need. The arrival and exchange of the haul marks salvation for many and must be celebrated.

Virtue: - We were always here. - It is our duty to show others who we are for our belief is honest and proven by millennia of practice and experience. - Dedicate yourself to us, become one of us, or simply trade with us, the choice is yours. - If you are in need of counseling or guidance, our shamans will dedicate themselves to your cause with open hearts and minds. - There is shelter here, for all with good intention.

May the spirits guide you.

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