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Pirates of Do'it
Spectrum IDIDOIT
CommitmentLow - High
FocusPiracy, Freelancing
LeadersConnie Do'it
FounderEileen Overboard
WebsitePirates of Do'it

Ahoy Me Hearties !!

Do'it History

by: Connie Do'it

When the earth was young and the birth of humanity was underway an ancient alien spaceship crashed into the Argentine Aconcagua mountain on Earth with no survivors and debris scattered over the mountain top. The vessel, a small medical ship was enroute to the hidden base on Earth when it crashed and all hands were lost. The alien base was later abandoned, I believe you humans refer to it as the City of Atlantis.
  • Metaphasic Crystals*

Fused with the indigenous rock upon impact with the mountain, the alien crystals that had become buried and lost in the wreckage were later found by Argentinean mountain goat herders. Smaller rocks and pebbles around the metaphasic crystals absorbed the radiation. As metaphasic radiation has the power to halt or reverse the aging process the local population soon discovered that wearing one of these pebbles as a necklace or ring helped keep them healthy. Word began to spread about the mystical properties of these small stones around the alien crystals.

  • Mari Tablets*

About 8,000 years ago the stones with the alien crystals buried in them made their way to the ancient Earth civilization of Mari as part of a treasure horde. Many years they were hidden with the Mari Tablets for safe keeping while the rest of the eradiated rocks became part of the rulers personal collection. As long as the Metaphasic and Anti-Metaphasic crystals are close to one another the effect are nullified. The tablets remained mainly undisturbed until they were moved to Mount Sinai after the fall of Canaan and the treasure rooms looted.

  • Holy Stones*

About 6,000 years ago the stone rectangular tablets with the alien crystals were traded as part of a land deal to a ruler of the ancient Earth Mediterranean civilization of Canaan. To hide the true nature and value of the two crystals the tablets were inscribed with words of wisdom and given to a man named Moses for safe keeping about 4000 years ago.

It was the 'holy words' written ON the tablets that were given all the glory by the people and was actually encouraged. This was to mis-direct their attention away from the true secret value of what was IN these stone tablets. These crystals had amazing powers that were triggered by amplifying certain harmonics.
  • The Ultimate Weapon*

Depending on what frequencies were produced the crystals would generate more or less radiation. This could be manipulated to create a safe-zone around the metaphasic crystal while at the same time laying waste to anything beyond that with anti-metaphasic radiation. Entire armies could be virtually vaporized. It wasn't the 'Word of God' that came out of the Arc of the Covenant ... It was Metaphasic and Anti-Metaphasic Radiation.

  • The Secret Buried*

Because a few powerful people including my Great-Great-Grandmother knew the true nature of the stones and how to manipulate them, King Solomon built a special temple to hold and protect them. But even a king as great as Solomon could not protect them from the Babylonians who took all the holy vessels of the Lord, both great and small, and the ark of God, and the king's treasures, and carried them away into Babylon.

  • The Treasure Divided*

I have no idea where the Arc is now. A lot of people have looked for it for centuries. Ask Indy ! My Great-Great-Grandmother followed the treasure to a secret lair of the Babylonians and while trying to steal them back had to leave one of the heavy tablets behind after being wounded with an arrow. She died 2 days later because of a punctured lung from that arrow.


My Great-Grandmother took the one stone tablet with the Metaphasic crystal north to Scandinavia where she became an expert boatsman and master shipwright. She made way with some of the earliest Vikings to N.America and migrated to the Caribbean Islands where the weather was warmer, the natives were friendly, and the trade winds blew.

  • Paradise is Ruined*

Life was good back then. Simple. Easy. But she was lonely and knew this was the time to start a family. My Grandmother was born under moonlit skies and soft sea breezes. Things were great, that's until the Spanish and French showed up a few hundred years later and raided our modest seaside villa, torturing and killing everyone but my Grandmother who they had ... other plans for.

  • A Guy Found*

A young field hand and gardener at the villa, Guy Overboard, a strong brave man and part-time pirate organized a group of volunteers to rescued my Grandmother after being captured by the French. After being freed she refused to leave until the stone with the Iconian Metaphasic crystal was recovered. Guy had fallen in love with her the first time he had seen her on the villa patio and would follow her through the Gates of the Underworld if she asked. My grandmother knew this was the man she would share many years with and started a family. She had my mom, Eileen, on 23 Sep 1721 and later in life my aunt and uncle.

  • A Girls' Secret*

Yes, she use to play on Blackbeard's Pirates of the Burning Sea. Maybe you knew of her. My mom, Eileen Overboard, was a cutthroat pirate in the Caribbean during the golden years of piracy in the area around the 18th century. The men were never told about the stone tablet and although they led successful and healthy full lives, the true secret remained with just a mother to daughter secret.

  • Party Animal*

She loved the sea and loved to go off for months or even years at a time exploring the remote islands in the Caribbean. She loved telling the story of rescuing a small monkey on some fool-hearty excursion that had fallen from a coconut tree and became a long time pet along with her silly blue parrot. When the wind wasn't at her back, there was nothing more exciting for her than going to port battles and doing boarding parties. We do like to party a LOT ... especially at the Fountain of Youth !

  • Radiation Leak*

Fountain of Youth is what you humans called it. You know it wasn't actually a 'fountain' at all, it was a natural hot springs in the northern part of the Bimini Islands. They are a small chain of islands off the coast of what is now Miami, Florida. Anyways, in 1744 Eileen Overboard was recruited by the pirate society Riders On The Storm and with her vast knowledge of the area and leadership skills, took over the society 2 years later. She hid all of the pirate treasure in underwater caverns beneath the main Bimini Island. What she didn't expect was the Metaphasic radiation to leak into the water table.

  • Hottub of Life*

The natural hot springs on the north end of the island became a giant Metaphasic bath and the longer you soaked the more regeneration that occurred. The rest of the pirate society grew aware of the youth giving properties, but only Eileen knew of the fountains Iconian roots. She called it the Hottub of Life, but rumors of this 'Fountain of Youth' took hold and it was not long before everyone was looking for it. Better for us those idiots looking for some fountain than our favorite hot springs. In 1781 my Mom moved Riders pirate operations to the Florida Gulf and used the Marianna Caverns to hide the tablet along with a vast collection of treasures collected during her years of piracy.

  • Black Maria*

With my grandmothers Mediterranean looks and Pirate Caribbean tan my Mom was often considered and treated as a slave. She even met and freed a slave named Maria Lee who helped as a personal assistant. They became very close friends and Eileen Overboard who was known for her fierce fighting skills taught Maria how to handle a boat ... and how to handle a man. After years of loyal service, Maria moved to the north to escape the bigotry of the south and in 1791 made a name for herself while taking a shipment of cannons for the US Government. I believe even today in Poker she is referred to as the Queen of Spades.

  • Keeping Coast Guarded*

Maria and my Mom kept in touch and when asked to help train the new Revenue Cutter and Lighthouse Services she saw it as a perfect way to find an unlimited supply of potential new recruits to her pirate fleet which was always in need of good hands and captains as Guards along the coast. For many years she sailed up and down the US Eastern Seaboard looking for just the right people under the guise of 'training'. Knowing she would have to start the process over at some time, Eileen promoted the idea of passing the job on to their children to help explain her reappearance and was eventually given the title of Keeper.

Away from the crystal Eileen would age as any human and when she got tired of that she would just 'retire' to her modest plantation in the Florida panhandle and within a couple of years be back to her youthful self to start the process all over again as the Daughter of a Keeper. This business model worked very successfully for my Mom living in Florida.
  • A Grand Thief*

In the early 21st century Eileen Overboard spent several years rejuvenating from the metaphasic radiation in her Florida plantation. During that time she decided it would be safer to move business operations away from any attention to the real power she had. Always staying close to her roots in the Caribbean, after 300 years she decided to expand her empire to the west coast. She arrived in the City of Angels a young woman full of drive again. In a matter of weeks she owned a nightclub called The Galaxy, high-rise penthouse apartment, fancy cars, a massive yacht, aircraft hanger, and a shell company called Overboard Corp. Her office near the top of the highest building downtown also housed her most prized vehicles. Not being able to reach the moon, Eileen Overboard had never learned to fly thinking that was for the birds! But after winning an luxury airplane in a poker game, a few lessons by a combat pilot she met at a pool hall near the base, she realized there was a whole new dimension to her freedom.

  • She Liked Green*

She was very sad to see what had happened to the oceans and before World War III became an advocate for Mother Nature and the purity of Earth. She met an ideological Commander Green at an Earth Day rally and they became fast friends and good business partners. She didn't agree with his ideas that aliens were part of the pollution problem, but the business was too much of an opportunity to walk away from. She continued to ‘retire’ and pass the family ‘business’ on in the traditional Keeper fashion started way back with the Lighthouse Service.

  • New Business Partners*

She did legitimate business with the Vulcans and Rigellians while secretly doing arms deals with Captain Green, the Eco-terrorists, and a young opinionated Lt. Paxon she met and became friends with at a lecture on Cultural Differences.

When Earth entered the Space Age she trained for the US Apollo but never flew as the public spotlight was the last thing she needed. Her pirate syndicate was stronger than ever as was her personal desire to reach the Moon she use to look up at so many years ago on the deck of her Pirate Frigate.
  • Space, the Final Frontier*

As a silent partner, she helped finance one of the first commercial space transport companies and on her 320th birthday in 2041 formed the Board of Directors of the Earth Cargo Service (ECS). Her Pirate fleet was one of the largest and most successful commercial space transport fleets and constituted the bulk of the Earth Cargo Service when it was formed. With centuries of shipbuilding expertise, she ‘retired’ back to her villa to plan her next step to the stars and began designing a mobile space facility that could be used as her new base of operations capable of moving from planet to planet as she explored the stars.

  • Sine Qua Non*

After getting a tip on a lucrative Luna Mineral Survey, construction of a prototype space facility was completed in 2090. She moved with Paxon to establish the Orpheus Mining Colony on Luna and was one of the founding members of Terra Prime. Eileen missed her Florida villa at times and she would look back at Earth from the moon thinking about the stone tablets life giving powers and her long history with it. Paxon loved my mom and the miners wore a patch with the Latin saying “sine qua non” which loosely translated to “cannot live without” but truly was a reference to the stone tablet still hidden in the Marianna Caverns.

  • The Orion Connection*

By 2103 word of my Mom’s involvement in the Earth Cargo Service (ECS) reached the Orion Syndicate who had begun losing business to this new Earth-based fleet. For years the Syndicate had been spying on ECS but my Mom was far too clever to be directly linked to the power behind the fleet, which they saw as either an opportunity to expand their trade routes deep into Federation Space or a direct threat to their operations. The Syndicate sent their most skilled and handsome ambassador, a tall Green by the name of Manny Do’it, to open negotiation with my Mom. A skilled diplomat herself, she and Manny spent almost 2 years at Starbase 10 hammering out details of the alliance.

  • A New Home in the Stars*

The next decade Eileen and Manny worked together expanding their legitimate and pirate networks while exploring each other’s regions of space. For almost 400 years my Mom had been exploring the undiscovered country on her own and the time she spent with Manny sparked her maternal instincts and desires to settle down. While on a scouting mission for the Children of the Covenant to find a new Headquarters, she found the perfect hiding place for the stone table and a new home for her pirate headquarters on the planet Devotion in the Covenant System.

*Birth of the Twins*

In the late summer of 2112, during a major arms deal gone bad onboard her flagship orbiting Devotion, my Uncle betrayed her and in the firefight that ensued, a very pregnant Eileen was fatally wounded and died giving birth to me and my twin sister Amanda.

  • Earth Defense Services*

I had a very successful tour of duty during my Trek in the Stars. Secured an outpost orbiting a minor moon during one mission and reported it destroyed which I turned into the United Federation of Pirates while my sister focused on the House of Do'it syndicate operations. Was able to 'acquire' several other fleet assets including Mining Operations, Research Lab, Spire, and Diplomatic Embassy with over 120 ships at my command before retiring from service and moving back to the Do'it estate on Devotion in the Covenant System.

  • Star Citizen*

Several hundred years passed before I got the urge to leave the estate. I wandered around exploring uncharted space for a while before settling down working for Roberts Space Industries on the Polaris shield design.

UGC 2411 Connie Do'it.jpg
Connie Do'it
Race Human Orion
Gender Female
Born August 28, 2112 - Orion III
Role Leader of the Pirates of Do'it Fleet
Faction Pirate
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Primary Organization Pirates of Do'it
Military Service
Rank Fleet Admiral
Callsign Nemmy
Branch UEE Marines

Connie Do'it

In the late summer of 2112, during a major arms deal gone bad onboard her flagship orbiting Devotion, my Uncle betrayed her and in the firefight that ensued, a very pregnant Eileen was fatally wounded and died giving birth to me and my twin sister Amanda. I had a hard childhood working as a slave in the Syndicates’ hospital, but that all ending when I entranced a Klingon drug-dealer buying Strobolin and was sold to him. I eventually took over his entire operation before stranding him on an asteroid mining camp in Badlands and taking his prize Bat’leth after a fierce battle.

Wishing to draw no attention to my lucrative and vastly personal and secret enterprise, I enlisted at Star Fleet Academy as a tactical officer to gather intelligence on fleet operations. I was recognized for outstanding courage in the line of duty and quickly promoted as I turned in successful mercenary mission after mission. As my rank increased so did my leverage for Orion Pirate activities and power grew great enough to rival the Orion Syndicate itself with a vast network of contacts from Starfleet missions.

After reaching the rank of Admiral, Starfleet assigned me to a Special Services task group that is on-call for emergencies. I was able to bring together my underground network under a single organization, the United Federation of Pirates. As leader of the UFoP, my crew of scurvy dogs explore the galaxy to pillage and plunder the riches of space, dispensing a unique form of justice.

Pirates of Do'it


Friends and Family are always welcome.

  • General Recruitment is open on Galactic Talk Like A Pirate day (Sept. 19th)


United Federation of Pirates

  • Run by Connie Do'it

House of Do'it

  • Run by Amanda Do'it



  1. Find more rum
  2. Drink more rum
  3. Go to Step 1
  • Drinking rum before 10am doesn't make you an alcoholic, it makes you a PIRATE!


Fleet Ships

* Anvil Aerodynamics - F7C-M Super Hornet
F7c-M super-Hornet front.jpg
* Anvil Aerodynamics - T8A Gladiator
T8A Gladiator Concept 02.jpg
* Roberts Space Industries - Constellation Aquila
Aquila Front-Left.jpg
* Roberts Space Industries - Constellation Phoenix
Phonix New Source.jpg
* Roberts Space Industries - Orion
* Roberts Space Industries - Polaris

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