Operation Mandrake

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Operation Mandrake was a military offensive by the UEE in March 2946 against the Vanduul. It ended with the occupation of the Oberon System by UEE Forces. It was the first public known offensive of the UEE in the Vanduul War.


Mandrake began when the UEE received credible intelligence that a Vanduul clan was in the process of mounting a second attack on the Oberon system. Concerned about such a possibility, Admiral Bishop had detached a small strike team to sweep the system. When the Vanduul appeared, these forces were able to intercept and engage the clan before it could attack another Human settlement. While the advanced forces occupied the aggressors, Admiral Bishop ordered Retribution into the system and cut off any escape back to Vanduul space.

With Operation Mandrake, Bishop's campaign against the Vanduul scores its first major victory, against a medium sized clan. No Kingships are present, but multiple capital ships are reported destroyed.[1]


For the first time in its history, Oberon now hosts a contingent of Navy capital ships. Though the Retribution has moved on, a large fighting force remains in the system charged with protecting it from further Vanduul incursions. The fleet's presence has already begun to have an effect, as outlaw activity has dropped and relief aid has begun to arrive. Though some herald this as a possible second chance for the system, there are plenty who predict that the Navy will pull out soon. If they do, Oberon may never recover.

The casualties from the attack might have been much worse if it wasn't for the chestnut beetle keeping the population below ground.[2]


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