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Super dreadnought manufactured by the UEE
MonthlyReport-1511-Cinematics skydock b.jpg
ManufacturerUEE Navy (NVY)
Production state
  • Inactive
In-Game Cost
BuyNot available
Pledge ($USD)
AvailabilityNot available for sale
Length2,700 m
Beam700 m
Height400 m

The Retribution-class super dreadnought is the largest capital ship constructed by UEE and multiple ship manufacturers[1] to take part in the Vanduul War. The UEES Retribution is the only known ship of this class that has been built. The ship is envisioned by Admiral Bishop as a vital missing piece of the Navy's ship roster to combat Vanduul Kingships.[2] A single Retribution class vessel was built at the UEE Naval Skydocks on MacArthur and is armed with multiple Behring 130mm "Ship Buster" rail guns.[3]


The Retribution was laid down as Project Quadeen before the start of the Vanduul War under strict secrecy.[4] Due to financial problems, the construction of the Ship was delayed.[5] In 2943 the superstructure was almost completed. Something Every Tuesday reported about a new "Kingship killer" in [October] 2946.[6] In 2946 the ship was assigned to the 65th Battle Group and participated in the Battle of Oberon.[7]


Weapon Hardpoints

Max Size Size Manufacturer Model Mount Position Amount
N/A N/A Behring 130mm Ship Buster Railgun Turret N/A N/A



MonthlyReport-1511-Cinematics skydock b.jpg
Retribution Skydock - Front Port.jpg

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