Overlord Helmet

Helmet manufactured by Doomsday
Overlord Riptide Helmet - Dark BG-min.png
Overlord Helmet
ManufacturerDoomsday (DOOM)
ClassificationHeavy armor
Main setOverlord
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.9.0
Environment protection
Temperature-77 / 107 °C
Damage resistance

The Overlord Helmet is a heavy helmet manufactured by Doomsday. It is a limited run armor inspired by the armor worn by members of the Pyro-based Overlords vigilante organization and must be pieced together through a variety of different sources.[1] Its design is similar to the Fortifier Helmet.[2]

In-game description

Remain fully protected and anonymous without feeling a great weight on your head. The Overlord helmet delivers heavy armor protection while using a special lightweight composite plating that makes it feel like nothing's there. Repurposed ocular sensors normally found on ships keep you attuned to your surroundings and, when worn with the full Overlord suit, the high neck collar provides the helmet extra support and protection.

Armor components

Name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Overlord N/A Overlord Helmet Overlord Core N/A Overlord Arms Overlord Legs


There is no base version and it is a subscriber exclusive item.[3]

Special editions

The Overlord Helmet series was made in 6 different color variants. Divided in packs of 2, they were handed out to Subscribers as Subscriber Flair in April 2020 in the following manner:

  • Forces of Nature pack, containing the "Dust Storm" and "Predator" variants, and was given to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers.
  • Silent Strike pack, containing the "Riptide" and "Stinger" variants, and was given to only Imperator Subscribers.
  • Double Trouble pack, containing the "Supernova" and "Switchback" variants, was not given out, but only purchasable in the Subscriber Exclusive store.

All packs were also put on the Subscribers Exclusive store, so current Subscribers can retro-actively purchase each pack for $5.00 USD.[3]

Image Name Description
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 20 R-Min.jpg
"Dust Storm" Sand coloring
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 01 R-Min 2.jpg
"Supernova" Red and grey blue coloring
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 04 R-Min.jpg
"Stinger" Black and yellow coloring
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 05 R-Min.jpg
"Predator" Green and black coloring
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 06 R-Min.jpg
"Riptide" Black and teal coloring
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 18 R-Min.jpg
"Switchback" Blue and red coloring


The Overlord Helmet is introduced in Alpha 3.9.0 as the April 2020 subscriber flair.[3]



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